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Jan 16, 2008 06:44 AM

Dooky Chase?

Have they completely reopened or are they still only doing take-out?
We'll be there in April and have never been before and would like to give it a try.....

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  1. Sadly, still just take out. But, I wouldn't opt out of trying it via take-out. Also, as I am sure you are aware, there are dozens of other wonderful options.

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    1. re: TigerAtty

      Thanks, since we'll be there for more than a week, I can always squeeze it one (or two, or three) extra meals, even if it's take out!

      1. re: CEfromLA

        I read on another board ( that Dooky Chase is doing pre-arranged group parties only right now. So if you want to book a party....

    2. this place is featured in the new williams-sonoma catalog, so that can only mean more business!