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Baltimore Is Not Washington, DC

FYI. It gets on my nerves that Baltimore and Washigton DC are lumped together as though Baltimore is a suburb of the nation's capitol. I really think that being 40 miles apart, Baltimore should have it's own board.I'm sick and tired of my fair city being an afterthought. Anyone else??????

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  1. I actually think it's pretty cool that we share a board with DC, yet on any given day you'll find a huge number of topics about Baltimore.

    As a medium-sized city, we're pretty well represented. Consider that Dallas, San Diego, Philadelphia and Seattle don't have their own boards. I think we're pretty lucky to have the one we have, and we do a good job of justifying our place on it.

    1. I live in Baltimore but work between the two cities. If you were going to make seperate boards where would Annapolis, Columbia, Laurel (basically all of Anne Arundel and Howard counties fit?).

      1. If this makes you feel any better, Omaha is 750 miles from Cincinnati and we share a board...

        1. All of SE Asia shares a board with a bunch of other countries in Greater Asia.

          1. ALL of the South shares a board...be glad you get as small a grouping as you do. (And I am a former Balmoron. I just don't find it offensive. It just means that geographically, you are near one another.)

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              Don't complain! At least Baltimore is "recognized."
              What about poor l'il ol' Wilmington, Delaware? Where does one actually go for that one?
              It is so near Philadelphia that many Philly people want to recommend places to their friends but no one will ever see it if the forum nannies remove it from the Pennsylvania site.
              It sits in limbo.

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                Wilmington, DE is covered on the Mid-Atlantic board. If you want to make a recommendation there in response to something on the Pennsylvania board, you are always welcome to post it on Mid-Atlantic, and post a pointer on the Pennsylvania board thread.

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                It's a link to another page. This is a pointer to your profile


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                  Thanks for explaining but being a tech idiot, I haven't a clue how I would link a particular post on this site to another site.
                  Also, I DID know that Delaware was stuck in with things from New Jersey but to me, it just seemed more natural to link Delaware with Washington and Maryland. But hey -- this isn't my website and so I must respect your decisions the same way I bite the bullet at not being able to have the obviously Manhattan-interested Peter Luger be accepted on the Manhattan site instead of being stuck in Outer Boroughs.
                  Such is life! I think I'll live! :-)

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                    The purpose of the pointer in this case would be to link a post on the Mid-Atlantic board, in a thread on the PA board, by using the URL for the former.

                    (e.g. - the URL for your post is http://www.chowhound.com/topics/47988...


                    You can get the URL for a specific post by right-clicking on the word 'permalink' underneath it, and choosing 'copy shortcut'/'copy link location'/'copy link' or similar options (which it is specifically will depend on your web browser).