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Jan 16, 2008 06:09 AM

Crab Month at Two Denver Restaurants

McCormick's and Oceanaire, both in downtown Denver, are featuring crab dinners this month. McCormick's is several kinds of crab. Oceanaire is promoting a stone crab festival.

Went to McCormick's last night.Crab cakes were really good. Ditto the fried calamari, w/ three sauces to dip 'em into, which aren't crab but they were ordered anyway. The crab and tater tots appetizer didn't do it for me. I can't see the point of disguising good seafood w/ potatoes, but I was the miniority. Folks I was w/ vacuumed them up.

Loved the crab bisque -- blue crab, sherry, creme fraiche, etc. Whole Dungeness crab was fabulous too. I'm a purist when it comes to crustaceans. I never divert my taste buds from fresh lobster or crab w/ drawn butter. The flesh is rich enough w/out it. They served it cold w/ drawn butter, and I can't ever recall the combo of cold shellfish and drawn butter, but again, I was in the minority. Most of the group had a field day w/ the butter. I loved the crab all by itself.

I had been meaning to ask our fellow Colo Hound "Tatamagouche" where she got her screen name. Now I know. McC's menu included Tatamagouche Oysters from Karabo Island, Canada. And now all of you know too.

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  1. Yes, I first saw them at B&G Oysters in Boston, and fell in love with the name!

    1. Make that three restaurants. Had dinner last Friday at Braun's before the Nuggets game and our server was a real CRAB! Must have been having a bad night because her surly index was off the chart.