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Jan 16, 2008 05:57 AM

Soul food restaurant in Passaic County?

Hi! Does anyone know of a good soul food restaurant in Paterson, Clifton, Passaic or any of Passaic County? I'm having trouble tracking one down! Thanks!!

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  1. Drove by, on a detour, this morning a 'Chicken and Rib Crib' on LaFayette in Hawthorne. At least I think that's the name of the main street. Looked to be Take-out and delivery though.

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      Chicken and Rib Crib isn't exactly a soul food place. It's a place for good 'ol gut-bustin' American food, like fried chicken, ribs, and fries. I think they're a local chain. They have a store in Mahwah that I've been to several times. They're good, but Chicken Galore on Broadway/Rt. 4 in Fair Lawn (about 2 miles east of the Paterson border on Rt. 4) is better and cheaper. (They used to be Chicken Delight until about five or six years ago, which is the name most people know them by.)

      For true soul food, I've heard and read very good things about Kingdom's Sea & Soul on Vreeland Ave. in Paterson. Here's their website:

      There are also some good places in Hackensack (not Passaic County, but not too far), such as Mango's.

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        Yeah, that Soul Roll looks really like really authentic soul food.

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          kingdom's sea & soul on vreeland ave in paterson apparently closed down a month ago:

          the link above does talk about a new soul food/west indian eatery at 444 broadway in paterson called kingdom foods. i haven't tried it yet myself but it looks promising.

          it's tough to find really good soul food in north jersey these days, unfortunately.

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