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Jan 16, 2008 05:24 AM

three thirty-somethings in Saint John?

Hi All-
I'm a Toronto Chowhounder, going to be in SJ on Thursday with my sisters- from Sarasota and Boston. We're hoping to go somewhere fun- we love to eat, drink and would shake a leg on the dance floor if the opportunity presented itself, but the dancing is less important. mid-to high price range is fine-

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  1. oh dear- doing some reading and pickings look slim. Let's see if I've got it right:
    Reggie's on Germain for good greasy spoon brekkie
    O'leary's on princess for pub
    Taco Pica on Germain for Guatemalen /Mexican
    Suwanna for thai
    Sam Pam for chinese
    Opera Bistro for upscale.
    Any strong feelings on these?

    1. Hi

      I'm also a thirty-something Chowhound living in Toronto but I'm originally from Saint John and my family still lives there. I've been to a couple of places on your list so hopefully I can help out.

      I've been to Suwanna once and it was quite good. I especially remember enjoying the green curry chicken. I seem to recall that a couple of dishes, such as the pad thai, were a little different from what we often see in Toronto but that's not nessecarily a bad thing, considering some of the ketchup and sugar-laden soggy noodles they often pass off as pad thai here! Everything was delicious and we enjoyed our meal.

      Taco Pica - I haven't been to the restaurant but I've heard good things and I've had some of their stuff at a stand that was in the City Market (don't know if it's still there). The Market, btw, is definitely something you should check out. It's nothing like St. Lawrence Market but it is worth seeing for some of the local offerings such as the seafood.

      O'Leary's used to be a regular weekly place we'd go to for a pint (or 3) but I haven't been in a while. It's a fun Irish pub, although I don't believe I ever ate there.

      Opera Bistro is quite well known and my parents recommend it. Unfortunately I've never been but hope to try it on my next visit. It was featured on an episode of 'Opening Soon' on the Food Network.

      I would recommend having seafood wherever you get a chance to have it. Some local things that are also fun are donairs and dulse (a seaweed snack). New Brunswick is also doing some great artisan cheeses now and I think the local beer scene may be expanding beyond the usual Moosehead. Talk to the locals wherever you can and you can get recommendations for all sorts of stuff. People there tend to be really friendly and helpful. I hope you enjoy your trip!

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        thanks for your help mx. clicquot- i can't believe I forgot to mention that we are maritimers as well! I just haven't spent time in SJ for a long time. We're heading back to ST. Stephen for the weekend, so the seafood fix will be filled along the way (Comeau's or Ozzie's- whichever the parents are into right now)- I've had some NB cheeses here in Ont. and that is a good suggestion- i might not have thought of that- thank you.

        1. re: nummanumma

          I guess as a Maritmer you probably know your seafood! As I mentioned, I also haven't been back in a while (and I usually eat my mom's home cooking instead of eating out) so I'm afraid I'm not up on what's new and happening. However, if you're heading to the St. Stephen area, you might want to think about the Rossmount Inn in St. Andrews for a meal. My parents were raving about a meal they had there and I recently saw them profiled in a food magazine.

          1. re: ms. clicquot

            Do you happen to remember the name of the magazine in which the article appeared? I love this restaurant and would really like to find the article. Thanks!

            1. re: BarnNB

              Yes, I went digging through my rather vast pile of food magazines and found it. It's called 'Intermezzo' and it was Issue 16, Volume No. 6. The article is called 'Tastes of Atlantic Canada' and they feature a few top N.B. restaurants, plus recipes. Their website is
              I hope that helps!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. The Rossmount is not open at this time of the year and Ozzies Lunch is not open either. :*(

          1. I know I'm repeating myself, but Lemon Grass on Princess Street is always a treat for upscale Thai and Malaysian. We make a point of stopping every time we drive through Saint John on the way to Maine. Gorgeous room, fabulous food; particularly the firecracker shrimp and the lemongrass chicken.