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Jan 16, 2008 05:06 AM

1st time to Orange County-Recs needed

I am flying into Orange Sunday and need dinners for Sun, Mon, Wed. I am a big time foodie and looking for a great experience. Can be California cuisine, ethnic etc....not picky. Doesn't need to be high end but can be. I just want to have a great local experience. Also, any ideas on must see food joints anywhere in that area bc I have a car. Things like local food shops, markets, bakeries, chocolatiers etc.... I really appreciate it. I think Rest. week is starting and typically in my area they stink as far as quality and service goes so, if you have a better program would like to know that too. THANKS A MILLION.

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  1. You should google newport beach restaurant week. They are having that event this coming week. Most restaurants are offering a 3-course dinner for $20 or $35.

    1. It's a lot easier to offer help if you're going to LA, not OC. To me, the best thing that OC offers is the Little Saigon area. You'll find an endless number of vietnamese restaurants, markets, etc. One of my favorites is a hidden little restaurant called Brodard and you'll read about plenty of others on Chowhound.

      If you're willing to venture up to LA, then you'll have a much wider variety of choices.

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        Then you need to spend a lot more time in Orange County, my friend. I'm not going to retype my list, but you can find it in the replies to this thread:

        That wasn't even a comprehensive list, either. I don't eat in the fancy coastal high-end places, though -- I eat inland, in the ethnic dives -- so others will have to chime in for the $40 entree places.

        I do agree with you that Little Saigon is special. So is Thai Nakorn. Santa Ana's got the highest concentration of Mexicans of any city in the US, and the restaurants reflect it. The Koreans who have moved out of LA live in Buena Park and Garden Grove and there's food there to rival K-town. Costa Mesa has its little group of Japanese markets and businesses; Irvine has its Chinese places.

        Not everything is like "The OC" and "The Real Housewives Of Men Who Chose Them For Their Looks". I don't go to LA to eat -- really at all, ever. (Okay, the SGV. But that's its own beast anyway.)

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          Thanks everyone. I appreciate it. I am from a somewhat not nice city area so, I am used to be careful. Can anyone tell me if these places are safe for a single female dining alone or am I better off getting take in to hotel? I love ethnic food! So, can't wait to try these out.

          1. re: hammocc

            I think you will be fine dining alone at any of the places listed by DU. Although being born and raised in Orange County, speaking fluent spanglish, and a thorough understanding of OC geography may make me unqualified to project my beliefs of safety onto you.
            I'll 2nd DU's suggestions for Little Saigon for Vietnamese, Garden Grove for Korean, and Costa Mesa for Japanese. You can also find many good Mexican places in Costa Mesa, search for 19th street in costa mesa rec's.
            As for NB Restaurant Week, here's a recent post discussing it:
            Good luck

            1. re: hammocc

              There are unsafe areas of Santa Ana, but use your best judgment -- in many cases the restaurants will be closed at night (such as Trieu Chau, on 1st and Newhope, which closes at 5 PM). Orange County is pretty suburban and even the sketchy-looking parts are safe enough if you're not acting stupidly (counting money in public, approaching groups of men standing in shadows at night, etc.).

              You can safely go to any of the places in my reply on the other thread.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Thanks I really appreciate the advice.

        2. There are some nice Korean restaurants on Beach Blvd in Buena Park. There's a big Korean supermarket at Beach and Malvern (Super 1 Hannam or something like that). The food court inside has lots of options. Also there's a bakery (Paris Baguette). Surah at the far corner is an upscale Korean restaurant, they have a good lunch special. If you go for dinner, get there by 5:30 or you'll have a wait. Its better to order a soup or stew at dinner, something like $11-$15 gets you the full array of banchans, rice, and beverage. A buffet is better for a single person if you want to try Korean barbeque.

          5333 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90621

          1. Welcome to OC. Hopefully you've gleaned off some good tips from the Chowhound archives.

            The trouble with OC is that to do all the things you want you'll have to drive everywhere, which can be tiring. A good thing to do is follow Brookhurst St. Das Ubergeek does these postings called Explorations on Brookhurst, where he proves that you can have great ethnic food from Japanese, to Vietnamese, to Korean, to Persian just by trapsing this humble boulevard.

            Check it out.

            Also I have some archived posts on OC Food on my blog, if you're interested:

            1. Nirvana Grille in Mission Viejo for upscale Cal cuisine (I recommend the cauliflower gratin, moules frite, and seabass in pistachio crust)

              Studio at the Montage Resort and Spa for VERY upscale Cal cuisine at its finest. The tasting menu is fresh and always delicious with an ocean setting.

              Brodard for vietnamese in Garden Grove. Get the shrimp on sugar cane egg rolls. The best EVER! (well, that I've tried anyway). The duck salad is also delicious as are the fried egg rolls. And the shaking beef. I also love their avocado shake afterward!

              Also I LOVE Zankou chicken. I believe there is one in Anaheim, although I've never been to that location. They have delicious rotisserie chicken with the BEST garlic sauce in the entire world. I always leave with the large tub you can buy and eat it at home!

              I also recommend checking out some good Mexican. :D :D :D

              I'm not sure where you're coming in from...(that would help my recommendation) but I can't think of any spectacular food shops or bakeries that really stand out above the norm.

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              1. re: junglekitte

                Thanks actually I am in town on business. I have open Monday basically until 3 to tour around and was hoping to hit some markets, food shops so anything you can suggest would be great!

                1. re: hammocc

                  As far as markets, you should go to Wholesome Foods on Michelson at Culver in Irvine. they carry Persian, Asian, Kosher and Halal products and have a great food court. Also Ranch 99 market on Culver in Irvine carries Asian products.