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Jul 2, 2001 01:31 AM

Tapas Bar Recommendations Needed

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Okay, I seem to remember there was a Tapas bar in Hermosa Beach. Well, I walked 2 or 3 miles of cheap, cheasy bars and never found it. Maybe its out of business. Certainly couldn't find one in the yellow pages.

Now I am craving tapas and need recommendations!

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  1. I don't think there's anywhere in LA that does real tapas. Ciudad has a tapas platter that's dreadful-- the tortilla is green and rubbery. Cava does tapas but as I recall they're more like latino-fusion appetizers (including tortilla chips and the like). There's a place in Pasadena that does a limited range of tapas, but it's more like a restaurant (mediocre), not a tapas bar.

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      In response to the last message- La Paella in Los Angeles does serve "real" spanish tapas. Also there is a great place in the Harbor City area by the name of From Spain. It is a spanish deli/importer that has the widest selection of Spanish food and wine that I've found in Los Angeles. They will also make a paella to go in any quantity you want- great for parties!

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        Is this different than "La Espanola" in Harbor City? I know they also make paella of different types to order and they have a catalog as well.

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          You are right. The name is La Espanola.

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        I really enjoyed Cava a few years ago and don't remember tortilla chips being served. The variety was nice and so were the prices. However, I always considered their selection of Spanish wines to be pretty pathetic.

        More recent visits to Cava have been a disappointment -- the food was much less inspired (change of ownership or chef) and the general atmosphere was somehow less appealing than the early days.

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        More of Everything

        The restaurant and bar that served tapas in Hermosa went out of business a while ago.

        I haven't been there yet, but I've wanted to try Axe in Venice which I believe does a tapas menu.

        1. Alegria on Pine Avenue in Long Beach is a Spanish restaurant with a tapas menu. I have no basis for comparison, as I've not had tapas elsewhere, but Alegria has never disappointed me. The dishes that stand out in memory are: ceviche, delicious, firm, fresh, with a perfect amount of citrus flavor; and very tender and savory fried calamari. The salad and veggie dishes were also fresh and nicely seasoned, although I don't recall specifics. The sangria is good, also.

          1. The tapas at La Paella in LA (on San Vicente between Wilshire and 3rd St) are quite good. It's a full restaurant but they have extensive tapas. And if you want to splurge you can get angulas. I reviewed my experience there on this board, so scroll down if you're interested.

            1. The place in Pasadena is called La Luna Negra. It's mediocre and the service is horrible. But if you're dying for garlicky salty morsels with sticky sweet sangria, it'll do. The classic "tortilla" potato thing is pretty good there, made with blue cheese.