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Jan 16, 2008 03:16 AM

Anything New in Raleigh.... (Inside Beltline/ North Hills)

Anything new and exciting in Raleigh (or an oldie that I have not noticed)? ..... Know all the Glenwood South, North Hills, Bloomsbury Bistro, Porters, etc. standards.

Not as familiar with the newbies downtown or in the Warehouse District. (Is Nana's still there; do people still go?) (Had the same experience with others with crappy service at Fins)

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  1. Nana's has been replaced by The Pit ("upscale barbeque", same owners as Nana's), which I thought was quite good. Search this board, there is already a recent thread on the Pit somewhere.

    Have you tried the Raleigh Times downtown? Slightly upscale pub food, with a fancy beer selection. Very satisfying for a casual dinner/drinks, we often take out-of-town friends there for a "downtown Raleigh" experience.

    1. There is a new restaurant downtown, on Fayetteville Street, called the Mint.

      It looks very swanky - and very promising. Although I haven't been there yet, I'm looking forward to hearing from those who have....

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        Poole's Diner is also opened. Mint is pretty pricy. Love Raleigh times. There is also amlot more to come

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          I went to The Mint for dinner last night (Jan 15) with friends and I have to say that I was not super impressed. It was kind of hit or miss for us (which could be that we ordered the “wrong” things). The service was very shakey and uncertain (very new) and a little bit over the top (like a literal 15 minute heady wine monologue when asked what dry white would go best with our salads).
          The steaks we ordered were SUPER salty and the quality of meat was so so. The scallops were a tad fishy.
          The arugula salad was excellent (mostly due to the enormous chunk of Humbolt Fog cheese in it…yum!), as was the cesar salad and the squash soup. The crab cakes were good but for $15 they were each the size of a large marshmallow. A definite not-for-sharing size. Also had an interesting lobster appetizer (with popcorn puree!) but again size was very small. I have dined in many fine dining establishments and am used to small portion size, but typically it is worth it for the oomph factor of how delicious the food is. Not the case at Mint.

          Anyway, I won’t write it off completely just yet. They are still only a week old so who knows where they will be in a few months (if you must try it...wait a month or so for them to figure things out like the salt use and service). But it should be noted that when we casually mentioned that the steaks were too salty they did comp us three lovely desserts which was way above and beyond. The desserts were fabulous.

          So I just thought I’d put my two cents in. For my money, I’d probably rather eat somewhere else. I don’t mind dropping the $$ on awesome food, but this just wasn’t up to the standard I expect when doing so. All in all we felt that it was simply okay. The décor was pretty impressive and interesting (big mafia style booths) and location will most likely be its biggest asset.

          At the moment I feel like there are better places in the area (Piedmont, Lantern, Second Empire, Fraziers, Magnolia Grill, Watts Grocery, Vivace) that are all cheaper than this place.