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Good Clam Chowder in the GTA?

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I thought I hated clam chowder, probably because my first experience with it came from a Campbell's soup can when I was a kid ( I heated it myself :D but it was really gross; gritty and fishy).

However, on a recent trip to San Francisco at Fisherman's Wharf I found out how delicious fresh clam chowder can be. :) So, where can I find the good creamy stuff here in Toronto?

Major plus if it comes in a bread bowl or it's available for takeout.

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  1. Can't stand the stuff myself. :) But Rodney's Oyster House is supposed to have a great one.

    1. Its a regular feature on 'Starfish's' menu. Very delicious and more refined than Rodney's version.

      1. To satisfy my craving I make sure there's a can of Arctic Surf clams in the cupboard (Highliner?from Dominion? ), and I use the creamy recipe on the back of the label. MMMMgood!

        1. And don't forget Tim Hortons.
          I'm not claiming it's the best - but available at many outlets (most commonly on Friday) - certainly reasonably priced and It's my soup of choice there.

          1. pusateri's manhattan is awesome, but for some reason their new england is a miss (it's goood but not as good)

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              I second Charles, Starfish is excellent. Ohhhh, I could go for some right now in fact!!!!

            2. The Fish House has a decent chowder, they have mason jars of it available at the front of house as well (at least they used to at their old location). Of the things I've tried at the Fish House, the only thing I've really enjoyed is the chowder....

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                I love Soup Nutsy (or at least that's what it was called). it is on the PATH underneath the Ernst & Young tower. They have good chowder and I love the Jamaican crab bisque. Some may find it strong but I love soup as comfort food.

                it's a takeout place where you get to choose fruit, salad or sandwich. Much cheaper than original soup man at Eaton's. plus they normally have special discounts on Fridays after 3.