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Jan 16, 2008 02:05 AM

Good Clam Chowder in the GTA?

I thought I hated clam chowder, probably because my first experience with it came from a Campbell's soup can when I was a kid ( I heated it myself :D but it was really gross; gritty and fishy).

However, on a recent trip to San Francisco at Fisherman's Wharf I found out how delicious fresh clam chowder can be. :) So, where can I find the good creamy stuff here in Toronto?

Major plus if it comes in a bread bowl or it's available for takeout.

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  1. Can't stand the stuff myself. :) But Rodney's Oyster House is supposed to have a great one.

    1. Its a regular feature on 'Starfish's' menu. Very delicious and more refined than Rodney's version.

      1. To satisfy my craving I make sure there's a can of Arctic Surf clams in the cupboard (Highliner?from Dominion? ), and I use the creamy recipe on the back of the label. MMMMgood!

        1. And don't forget Tim Hortons.
          I'm not claiming it's the best - but available at many outlets (most commonly on Friday) - certainly reasonably priced and It's my soup of choice there.

          1. pusateri's manhattan is awesome, but for some reason their new england is a miss (it's goood but not as good)

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              I second Charles, Starfish is excellent. Ohhhh, I could go for some right now in fact!!!!