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Jan 16, 2008 01:46 AM

St. Louis: restaurant with kids in mind

I remember reading a review of a restaurant in St. Louis that was designed with kids in mind. The review came out within the last 3 months. Does anyone know the name of the restaurant?

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  1. Where was it reviewed? Do you recall what kind of restaurant it was?

    We eat out with our kids often. The only "review" I've read recently for any type of dining establishment geared towards kids was for Incredible Pizza. The food isn't great but kids love the place!

    1. I think Fortell's is kid friendly.

      1. The January issue of Sauce magazine published an article about a kid friendly restaurant called Weber's Front Row.

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        1. re: marymac

          Thanks, marymac, this is the article I was thinking of...

          1. re: Doug

            Weber's Front Row? Really?

            The Weber's Front Row I used to go to was a smoky bar with pretty decent pub food, not necessarily kid friendly, although last time I was there they had the back area re-done, which might be what they are referring to as kid friendly.

            1. re: Phaedrus

              That's exactly what the article writer said! He said he really thought it was going to be a bar and while it does have that "sports bar" vibe, apparently it's okay for the little 'uns and has food they will actually eat and like (t-ravs, et al).

              1. re: TwoPointers

                I am not particularly sensitive to smoke but at the time that I used to go there, the front bar was unbearably smoky. That was my main concern.

                1. re: Phaedrus

                  They bought out the carpet place next door and turned it into a "non-smoking" area. They still have the best sandwich in STL IMHO (the Jamaican pork tenderloin), but I've not been there in a while because of the poor service.