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Jan 15, 2008 09:43 PM

Greenlee's Cinnamon Bread

How did I not know about this stuff until this weekend. I was at Farmer Joe's and there was a small display of it near the check out. I thought to myself, }Well that looks mighty tasty," and put the loaf onto the conveyor belt.

This is heaven in bread and insanely addicitive. They slice it really thin (probably for caloric reasons), but I have been hard pressed to stop at only 1 slice.

Holy cow, if you haven't tried, do!

Greenlee's Bakery
1081 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

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  1. It's even better lightly toasted and served with butter or cream cheese.

    1. The cinnamon bread long-famous at their bakery seems to be more widely distributed these days. I've seen it at the Temescal farmers market and I'm pretty sure Berkeley Bowl is now carrying it.

      1. I went to Berkeley Bowl today and (still stunned that I was immediately able to find a parking space) paused to collect my thoughts at the first place that I could do so without being in the way of other shoppers, which was in front of the bakery display. And there was a display of numerous loaves of Greenlee's cinnamon bread. BB managers must be reading Chowhound. Yes, it's very good, pricey, but very good. I used to be a fan of Semifreddi's cinnamon bread, but it's been transformed into "Semifreddi's sweetish stale-ish bread that had a little bit of cinnamon briefly brushed up against one edge". This is so much better....thanks for the tip.

        1. I recently ordered some of Greenlee's bread, and they called to tell me that I could also now purchase it at Andronico's in SF!

          1200 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

          1. I just found this at the Whole Foods in Potrero Hill - picked it up on a whim because it looked good, and it really is! Hasn't even read about it on chowhound until now. I have been eating it for breakfast this week, telling myself that I'm having toast.....really it's more like coffee cake since it's so sweet.

            Not cheap at 6.99 a loaf I think, but the slices are thin and each one is delicious. It would make seriously amazing French toast.

            Dave MP