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Jul 1, 2001 06:09 PM


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Has anyone been?

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    Mike Kilgore

    Still haven't been for dinner, but made the error of going for breakfast yesterday. My wife tried the French toast made from brioche. Nice, but certainly not spectacular. I had the eggs benedict, also fine but nothing to rave about. Two coffees, one side of bacon and one of sausage. Tab was $49.54 plus cost me $5 to ransom car back from valet. Worst part was after putting down the check the waiter vanished. Maybe he thought we were staying and would just charge it to the room, but in any case I had to go and hunt down the hostess, who looked totally befuddled. About another 10 minutes passed with nobody coming back with my change. I then found the manager who went to look. Finally another 5 minutes and a different waitress finally came back with my change and valet ticket. This was with about 6 people in the whole restaurant. Never again. This whole experience reminded me again of how many times I have been disappointed in "fine hotel" dining. As a final side note they had a sort of buffet continental spread layed out on a raised table behind where we were sitting. A family came in and one of their children, a boy of about 8, came over to the lox tray and proceeded to touch every piece of salmon on the plate before going back to his table. Glad I wasn't having the salmon after that little performance.

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      I think I'm with you, Mike. I went Monday afternoon, en route from the airport. We sat on the terrace, and ordered from the bar menu: yakitori, carpaccio, shrimp cocktail, and oysters.

      The yakitori came out on laid out on top of what looked like a Bedrock doll house, and as she set it down the waitress said, apologetically, usually this is lit (like: let's pretend this is a grill). We looked at her, and she said, maybe I can see if they can light it, and disappeared for a bit. I'd ordered a glass of the Nicolas Feuillate rose champagne and in her absence realized that whatever I had before me, it wasn't pink.

      I brought that to her attention when she returned with the smoking yakitori, and she said, sympathetically, yeah, I think they were out.

      I could go on (what are the oysters? well, they're served raw.... I mean, where are they from? um, Washington?).

      But after the bill ($120 for four appetizers and two drinks each) I think I won't.

      1. re: Mike Kilgore

        I've eaten at jerne over ten times ,I live down the street so I eat all over the Marina.By far I think this restaurant is the best here and maybe in the city.
        every time I go I have the best time ,Creative food awsome wine list , good service . The food makes me have fun, I always get the tasting menu and let the chef cook. I havent got a better meal in the city yet even at Spagos.

      2. Well... I had a quite lovely dinner at Jer-ne at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey about 3 weeks ago.

        My friend and I were the only table seated on that area of the terrace and the view of the boats and marina was very nice, very quiet and peaceful...

        We both started off with a muscat/lobster/melon terrine that was very light and tasted great. We then split two salads -- arugula with canelli bean which was very good and another with grilled artichoke, kalamata olives that was a bit too intense and rich. Split an entree of salmon with vegetables which ww liked as well. Dessert we loved -- five sake cups filled with different creme brulees and five small ice cream cones filled with fresh sorbets.

        I would go back again... I've been to a couple of parties there as well... Salmon ceviche was awesome. Great hors d'oeuvres...