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Jan 15, 2008 09:36 PM

Volterra - unimpressed

Just went with a group of 9 people to Volterra. I can't say that any of us was really impressed by our food. In fact, mine was EXTREMELY salty - the greens anyway. I got the cow cheek in ravioli like bags, and it came with brown butter and sage sauce on a bed of greens. The raviolis were ok (one person complained that she found them too thick) but the greens were ridiculously salty... as in, I think somebody actually lost the top of the shaker while they were salting it salty. I mentioned it to the waitress (at the end of dinner, just in case they were going to serve it to someone else the same way) and nothing ever came of it. I guess I was too nice... I'm not much of a complainer, but I would have thought something complimentary would have come my way. oh well. others got the dungeoness crab ravioli... they said the sauce was good, but the crab tasted fishy (and one of them was who said the ravioli was too thick). I also got the pear cosmo - why was there a cranberry in there? I'd rather something you can actually eat and enjoy (and I love cranberries!).

I got the milk chocolate caramel tart for dessert... it was ok, but I wouldn't highly recommend it to anybody. The person next to me got the rum soaked something or other - she didn't like it, especially as it was not at all what she expected. It came out more like a dry cream puff. The tiramisu (compliments of the pastry chef for the birthday girl, which was really nice of them!) was apparently delicious!

overall very disappointing... it really felt like $70 down the drain. Oh, I was so excited about the bruschetta appetizer (truffle, artichoke) and it was actually quite blah. and somebody else got the wild boar, and they thought it had too much sauce.

sorry to be a complainer. I'm just really disappointed. If you are debating between here and Cafe Juanita, DEFINITELY pick Cafe Juanita. No doubt about it... just look through my postings, and you'll see that I'm not a complainer. I just thought I'd write this, as there really wasn't much here about Volterra when I looked. (someone else picked the restaurant)

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  1. Went to Volterra last night too. I had been there once before baxck in October '07 and it was great!

    Last night I got the Lentil and prok Jowl salad, - not bad... For an entree I got the Lamb and bean risotto and was very unimpressed. Others in my party got the Fish special - not bad, but not standout'ish, and the wild boar - I thought the boar was good, but came out extremely rare, when it was requested medium.

    My espresso was nice very good, and the staff and service was good.

    Like you, I was excited to visit this place again, but disappointed with the experience.

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      good point... our server was very sweet. quiet, but attentive.

    2. Thin -skinned ravioli seems to be not very common around here (the only outstanding example that comes to mind is the crab ravioli at Cascadia, which costs an arm and a leg). Joule makes a nice thin-skinned lasagna. Any other good examples of thin/delicate pasta?

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        The lasagna at Cafe Lago also has thin pasta.

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          Thanks, i do like the Cafe Lago lasagna, just couldn't remember how thin it was

      2. I have to admit, I've always been confused at how Volterra has gotten consistently rave reivews; my fiance and I eat out a ton, and think that Voterra was totally mediocre. Also, the service when we went was poor -- the server brought out the wrong entree for my fiance and thought it was hilarious, rather than apologizing that we esentially had to eat in sequence rather than together.

        I find Cafe Lago to be much much better; if you are a thin-skin ravioli fan, it is the place for you. Their pasta is so delicate. I'd pick it, or for that matter, the Italian place at UVillage (Piatti) over Volterra any day. I'm happy to get further support for my til this moment unspoken opinion.

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          I have had 2 good meals at Volterra, but it was a while ago; it is too bad if they are not maintaining quality.

          For thin pasta, I seem to recall that the lasagna at Crow fits the bills.

        2. I always toot Volterra's horn, but I have to admit, it was just so-so last time I ate dinner there. My pasta dish was also over-salted and didn't taste super fresh. I tried to ignore it since my other meals there were so delicious....but now Im nervous about going back.

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            hopefully for you those were just two off nights... sadly, I'm sure I won't be going back.

          2. I've eaten at Volterra twice - once for brunch and once for dinner (Valentine's Day). The dinner was nothing special, but I am willing to chaulk that up somewhat to the craziness of Valentine's Day and a set menu. The brunch, on the other hand, was AMAZING. Seriously, go back and try their brunch. YUM.