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Jan 15, 2008 09:16 PM

Where do you buy your spices in Miami?

I tend to want to recreate exotic foods or foods that require spices not easily found... like now, I am on a "make your own chai tea from scratch kick".. so I end up digging around for spices.. so far, I shop at:

1) The middle-eastern market on Coral Way and 17th Ave has things like whole green cardamom and 7-spice mix.

2) Wild Oats for some herbs/spices in bulk

3) the Indian/Bangladesh Markets (1 near the vietnamese market on 163rd street)

4) the vietnamese market at 163rd and.. I think.. NE 4th Avenue.

5) Price Choice Supermarket and El Presidente Suerpmarket for large containers of things like cloves, allspice, cinnamon.

Where else has interesting spices (without being exorbitantly priced)?

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  1. For anything Asian, there is a small grocery store that sells only asian products. The asian market right off of US 1 at SW 160th Street (colonial drive). There is a small strip mall there, on right hand side (across from Publix) and it is called the Asian Market. Everything you can never find anywhere else along with several fresh products as well. Very inexpensive.

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      I've been to that market a few times -- it's great. The owners are really nice and will help you out in selecting the proper ingredients for what you'd like to make.

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        There is also Lucky's on Bird Road. But, funny you should post this... I went to the Coral Gables Farmer's Market today and there was a booth with a wide array of teas and spices. Had I planned on seeing this booth, Id have bought a bunch but I didnt know what I needed at the time. They also had very affordable veggies there and I got a pound of stone crabs for $10 that turned out to be great with a beer in the afternoon. Its every Saturday from 8am - 1pm I believe, so check it out.

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          I just ordered some whole green cardamom and whole nutmeg in bulk from to use in making chai ( make a gallon of my own chai mixture each week to mix with milk)... I'll check out the market to see what they have soon.