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Jul 1, 2001 12:25 PM

Great Caesar's Salad anyone?

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I'm constantly disappointed at what passes for Caesar's salad. I like the one at California Pizza and Pasta, not because it's representative, but because it's full of garlic and huge shavings of cheese. But I long for the real thing. Any suggestions?

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  1. The best I've ever had is a table side done at LG's Steakhouse in Palm Desert. It's sort of famous so when you visit the website, you can actually get the recipe. It's a great place for steak too.


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    1. re: muhlyssa

      The best I've ever had, hands down bar none (Palm Springs location in addition to Palm Desert - plus a new one soon in LaQuinta). The only thing that comes close was Alfred's in San Francisco, and various steak houses in Vegas. It seems unlikely, though, that there isn't a dern good caesar to be had in L.A. I remember it being pretty good when I had one at Musso's. I've never had it there, but wouldn't someplace like Pacific Dining Car have a good caesar?

      1. re: Cube

        I'm kicking myself. I was at LG's about 3 months ago. They don't serve Caesar's salad for one, and my daughter didn't want it. Guess I'll have to take a friend to the desert.

        1. re: Sandra W.

          I've been known the drive to the desert just for an LG's ceasar and the NY Strip. I forced my husband to share the salad with me this last trip. I won't go to LG's with anyone who won't share the salad with me, it's just a rule.

    2. The Ceasar at Rebecca's is very good. Same recipe as at West Beach Cafe (closed)...the best Ceasar I have ever had. They use mini fried tortillas instead of croutons. I am not a crouton person so it doesn't matter to me. The Ceasar at Capo is not very good even though it is the same owner. I am almost never happy with Ceasars, the cheese isn't good enough or the lettuce isn't crispy enough.

      1. I agree, it's hard to find the real deal. I like Daily Grill because the romaine is really crispy and the croutons are great, but they overdress it like crazy. Dressing on the side?

        1. The best Caesar Salad I ever had was at Dan Tana's. They make the dressing at the tableside in a well seasoned wooden salad bowl. Fresh Romaine lettuce and crunchy croutons with fresh shaved parmesan.

          1. I am not sure it is 'the best' in town, but Musso and Frank's Caesar is pretty darn good. Not overly dressed, with a nice hint of anchovy (but not enough to turn off those like me who are not fond of anchovies.) I really bemoan the 'creamy Caesar' dressing that seems to be prevelant these days. Yuck.