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Jul 1, 2001 02:48 AM

Beaujolais Boulangerie

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A dreadful name and an inconvenient location but really, they're worth noting. Recently opened on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock, lunch only (and early coffees). Terrifically garlicky salade nicoise, roast vegetable salad, and a real croque monsieur; plus they bake bread to rival any in LA, including a pain aux noix which I haven't found anywhere else (there's that lumpish and overpriced hazelnut sage thing from west LA and more recently a baguette with nuts and currants at La Brea Bakery. I like my nuts straight).

I don't know if they're connected with Cafe Beaujolais across the street but it would seem likely.

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  1. Where, specifically, is Eagle Rock? I live in OC.

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    1. re: Emma

      Eagle Rock is in Los Angeles, mid-way between Glendale and Pasadena, so a bit out of your way in Orange County.

      1. re: Deborah

        I found the salade nicoise to be disappointing, rather bland with a homogenized tuna steak on top. The croque monsieur was great, however. Desserts - mediocre.