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Jan 15, 2008 07:47 PM


Boston hound travelling to Riverside. Like ethnic, funky and pubs. Nothing too upscale. Since we have no decent Mexican, what is the best. Which regions?

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  1. I would Check out El Tio Max, and the across the street Guatemalan Panaderian Tikal which has G. food as well.

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      A bit Tex-Mex but very good is Ancho's located near the Tyler Mall. If you have a car head to Redlands the best Mexican in the area is

      La Costa (Seafood Mexican)
      621 W Colton Ave
      Redlands, CA 92374
      (909) 792-1337

      Also good is
      Casa Maya (Yucatan Mexican)
      1839 Mentone Blvd,
      Mentone 909-794-7458.
      (Neighboring Redlands)

      Good Pizza and Beer
      Gourment Pizza Shoppe
      120 E State St, Redlands, CA
      (909) 792-3313

      Good Barbecue and Beer (the deep fried pickle is amazing)
      Raxx BBQ & Brewing Co.
      3397 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA
      (951) 784-2739