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Jun 30, 2001 01:33 PM

Has anyone ever heard of the "Jerk Hut"?

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I was recently visiting Orlando Florida and and my Jamaican taxi driver and I got to talking about food. I told him there was no real Jerk chicken/pork in LA, like the kind you find in Jamaica cooked over an open pit -- he said, no there's a great place called "the Jerk Hut" in North Hollywood. I can find no sign of this place - does anyone know if it exists?

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    Carolyn Tillie

    Stretching back in my memory -- I seem to recall an A-frame building on Sunset that was the Jerk Hut. I remember it because just a year before (8 years ago), I was surprised to find it an all-night barbecue joint as I was scouring for a place to eat at 3:00am. I think it is now a Thai place or some other "formica-heaven."

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      Jerk Hut could also be a home for ex-boyfriends..;)

      1. re: berkleybabe

        Or a low-end strip club/XXX movie theater.....

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          Relatedly, I was watching a segment about a Jamaican restaurant on the Food network the other day, and learned that the word "jerk" can be used as a transitive verb as well as as an adjective or noun (sim to the word "barbecue.") Thus it is perfectly correct to ask for someone to "jerk your chicken."

          1. re: Rafi

            Sorry. That was a low moment I'm already regretting.

            1. re: Rafi

              What if it's a male chicken?

      2. There used to be a place near USC on Martin Luther King or Exposition called Janet's Jerk Chicken Pit. They had a barbecue set-up, using "pimento" wood (allspice wood) brought in from Jamaica. They had jerk chicken and pork, festival bread, Jamaican ginger beer, etc. I would be curious if they moved or are still around. As well, you might want to call up Coley's kitchen (either location) and ask them if they know of a place in town that has jerk with the pimento wood pit.