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Jan 15, 2008 07:16 PM


Anyone have recent experiences at Proof? Planning on going w/ a group of 4 (young & lively) in a few weeks. Any other recommendations in the general Chinatown area (NOT asian food tho).

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  1. I really liked my experience at Proof. I haven't had a full meal there though, I just got a few small plates/appetizers and a flite of wine. The cheese offerings are excellent as is the gnocchi dish.

    Other places in Chinatown that I really enjoy are PS7, Poste, and Acadiana.

    1. This is my recent review on another thread but I'll copy here for you. Hope it helps.

      I promised I would right a review the moment I tried Proof, my first choice after so many wonderful recommendations from everyone and here it is:
      I decided to drive into DC from NoVa for the Wizards game and get there early enough to try Proof. Easy drive in, easy to park, and over an hour to eat. When I arrived at Proof at 5:45 pm, I was very happy to see the restaurant and bar only around 35-40% full at that time. I made my way to the end seat at the bar next to the wine cooler and immediately was offered the menu and wine selection. Kudo's for service. I ordered up the regular pour of Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2006. Think it was $12. Very nice flavor with a clean, dry finish. Nice start. After looking over the menu and deciding I wanted to keep to my original goal of wine and cheese rather than a full meal, I ordered the full Charcuterie Board for $28 and selected 6 cheeses for $22. I remember the following cheeses: a delicious semi-soft Cana de Cabra from Spain which was my absolute favorite, a Cashmel Blue from Ireland which came in second with an incredible soft flavor that was tasty for a blue but not overwhelming like some heavier ones can be, I ordered the Nettle Meadow Kunik cow/sheep blend, also semi soft, from Upstate New York which was very good, I had a local cow's milk variety from Virginia that I can not remember that was very good and orange in color, a French semi soft also good, and the only cheese that was bland was a hard Swiss-like variety not from Switzerland and I can't remember, that lacked much of anything and had only a very small trace of pecorino like flavors. I also had the Lemon Herb Marinated Olives for $5 that were delicious. Along with the accompanying prunes, cornichon, mustard, crispy bread, this meal was an absolute winner.
      I traded up for a glass and a half of California Cabernet Sauvignon for $19 to help offset the heaviness of the meats and it worked wonderfully well. The Serano Ham was so full of flavor and smokiness, the prosciutto melted in my mouth, and the dried salumi and other meats were just incredible, especially the Speck and Coppa.

      What was funny was that when my two boards and olives were brought out, everyone at the bar was ogling them and then everyone ordered something after see my feast!

      The meal came to $88 without a tip. The restaurant also was getting crowded very quickly as I left at 6:55 pm.

      This restaurant was a 10 and my high expectations were not only met but exceeded!!! The amount of food you receive, especially the amount of cheese is a very big portion in comparison to any other place I've tried. Each cheese wedge was a 3-5 portion piece. The meat was also plentiful. Next time I may order a meal but if the cheeses are a new variety, it may be tough! Thanks to all who recommeded this wonderful place.

      1. Went to Proof a few weeks ago and like others, I sat at the bar and had a few small plates and some wine. I had the meatballs and gnocchi (somewhat of an acid test for me - if they do gnocchi well, they are OK in my book). The meatballs were delicious and the gnocchi had an awesome flavor, but just a tad gummy - still they were better than the average restaurant, but not perfect. A friend was also there eating dinner w/ four others - he is also a foodie and said the dinner was fantastic. The wine I had was something like GMB - the bar tender said it would be good and he was right - it was. Bottom line - I would recommend you go and not look for other recommendations.

        1. I love Proof--for drinks, apps, or dinner. Search this board for other posts where I've recommended items including small plates and entrees.

          1. I love Proof--was there about two weeks ago to celebrate the boyfriend's birthday, and we really enjoyed our dinner. The charcuterie plate was HUGE and quite tasty and varied (the house-made pate is awesome). The scallops were cooked perfectly, and the cauliflower soup blew us away--so yummy! The go-to desserts are sticky toffee pudding cake and goat's cheesecake, and they're both fab. On previous trips, I've also really enjoyed the gnocchi. The food is consistently good, and the wine list is fab--my new fave in DC!

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              I've been there quite a few times for both lunch and dinner since it opened last summer, and haven't been disappointed once. While full meals are great there, doing the sharing thing is definitely much more fun. Would highly recommend going there over other options in the area... and definitely experience the champagne cart, which is much fun!