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Jan 15, 2008 07:12 PM

"Kickys" in Matawn is now a ??? Restaurant

I ventured to Kickys in Matawan , the old Boston Market, across from Stop and Shop, sometime in December and was pleasently surprised. I did not know what to expect at first but had some great appetizers and was looking forward to a bright future. The name left a lot to the imagination. " A French , American , Japanese , Sushi Bar." Talk about indecisive.........I enjoyed the French and American. Then again I enjoyed "Wellington and Changs" in the Tropicana in AC. I recently went back to Kickys in Matawan and the Menu has changed and the Chef is gone...........I realize the economy is bad. What a time of year to open a high end restaurant in a good dining town. Then to pull the string, so quick. They are now calling themselves" Pan Asian - Malaysian Thai" . What gives ! I am dissappointed. and still KICKYS. I dont get it? I guess I dont have to.........Then again others won't as well. Where did the chef go? Anyone know......The place showed promise.

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  1. Most importantly, did you have the food? How was it? Do you have a menu?

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      A few weeks ago, a flyer insert for Kicky's (which I kept in case we decided to try it) stated that it was a "French-American Steak House & Modern Sushi Bar," which they were touting as "Eclectic Fine Dining." Obviously, that has all-too-quickly become inoperative since their website states they're now offering "Pan-Asian & Japanese Cuisines," not, as Milkface... said, Malaysian/Thai. I would have fancied some French though I didn't hold out much hope of it being really good, so maybe this is just as well. lol Current menu on the website.

      Edited to add: Looking more closely at the menu, I see that the Pan-Asian side appears heavily weighted toward Thai dishes.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Let's try this again. Yes, after personally speaking with the manager, he said that this was the original "vision" for the restaurant. After weighing many comments and suggestions from customers, they felt a change was in order. In tweaking the menu, they feel there is more variety, and in many cases the price has come down. They hope people will visit and more frequently as a result of the adjustments.

          So, I, for one, am willing to try them again, despite my "harsh" first review. I'm always about giving second chances.

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            Hi DJMarilyn, I saw your personal post (Exit 117A) & thought it was a very interesting. It's like listening to a story telling the transformation of a restaurant from not so good to bad to great. I like that!!

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              Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. I have every intention of going back, and reporting on my return trip. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with people which is why I post there and also why I LOVE Chowhound. It's really neat to hear about the similar and also vastly different experiences people have at the same place. In any case, I have hope for Kickys, I'm rooting for them. :)

          2. The chef is now at Molly Pitcher Inn

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              He's no longer with Molly Pitcher Inn