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Jan 15, 2008 07:05 PM

Graeter's Ice Cream

When I was a kid growing up in Ohio my parents took me to Graeter's for a treat. Little did I know how special it really was.

I just got some shipped for my bf's birthday since he grew up in California (as did I for part of my life) and my goodness... it's even more delicious than I remembered!

My sister and I used to see who would get the biggest chunk of chocolate. How do they get the chocolate so soft???

Has anyone else had the pleasure of eating the creamy soft goodness that is Graeter's... or do you have any local treats your parents used to take you to that you can't get anywhere else?

I feel like singing... heaven... I'm in heaven...

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  1. Every Easter, I got a big Peanut Butter Meltaway egg from Gardner's candy store. My mom would have them write my name on it in that crumbly icing stuff. I loved those things! I would stash it in the back of the fridge and carefully portion out small pieces so it would last me as long as possible.

    Actually, I think I have a small piece of one in my fridge right now...(*runs off, drooling*)

    1. Here in Columbus, Ohio we live in the mecca of ice cream heaven! I live within walking distance (OK 1/2 mile - anyway you should walk if you eat all this ice cream) of a Graeter's, Johnson's, and soon Jeni's ice cream stores. We have been spoiled for life, as those are probably the 3 best (and richest) ice creams in the world. The FN did a show on ice cream a couple of years ago and Graeter's was mentioned.

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        I saw a blurb about Jeni's Ice Cream on the FN as well... is it worth shipping? I'm interested in the salty caramel.

        1. re: keykey

          Not sure how much it costs to ship, but salty caramel is very, very good. i like to chop up toasted pecans and mix in. some of their other seasonal flavors are very excellent as well. I believe Grater's ships as well.

          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            They do. I'm crazy enough about ice cream to consider ordering, but I bet it'd come out to like a zillion dollars a pint?

            1. re: dolores

              Graeter's is only about $10 a pint and 6 or 12 pints in an order depending on where you ship it. I just got some and I'm very happy about that... regardless if they don't hand paddle anymore.

          2. re: keykey

            Graeter's and their transfat laden and artificial flavors cannot hold a candle to Jeni's taste, texture, quality, or innovation. The salty carmel, black coffee, and sweet corn & blackberry are all worth every cent.

        2. mmmmmmm...Graeter's mint chocolate chip......Used to get it as a treat when we went to Reds games. Now they have an outlet in Dayton and I can get my fix when I visit home. Can't find anything like that here in DC. The other thing I miss....Milano's subs.

          1. I'm "one of those" who feel Graeter's has declined in quality since they moved to automated machines rather than continuing the old school method of paddling by hand. The decline is subtle, and the quality is still very good. The ice cream's just not quite as dense in texture as it used to be, and of course, they don't pour in the chocolate in the same way, so the stracciatella pieces are more regular and you don't get those gorgeous, decadent hunks of chocolate anymore. I think they use some other method of pouring them out and hardening them, then mixing them in already broken up? Not sure, but I miss the way it used to be.

            1. I visited Graeter's twice on a recent visit to Columbus. It is indeed good, but as a transplanted Ohioan, I must admit there are quite a few places in New England that can match it.