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Jan 15, 2008 07:01 PM

Sunflower Closing

What's the skinny? We had tried to go a few times and it now seems they are gonners. Although not always the best service-wise we always enjoyed the food and will be glad to see them gone. As busy as they were I have a hard time believing that they couldn't make it financially. Anyone know what the story is or if they're going to re-open?

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    1. My goodness... This is really unexpected as the seemed to be doing very well! I guess I will have to go to Le Soleil now.

      1. i noticed you posted it last night, so i'm guessing you tried to go on a tuesday. they're closed every tuesday. a couple of other vietnamese restaurants around town follow this 'tradition' (i.e. tam deli). where did you hear about the closing? very curious to find out...i enjoyed the food quite a bit.

        1. Where did you get your 411 on their closing. I went by today and they are open for business. It was a few minutes before 10 and one of their waitresses was arriving. I asked her if they were going to close and she said no. Of course, her English and comprehension are pretty limited so I am not sure she understood correctly what I was trying to ask. I would be very interested since this is one of our regular lunch places.