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Jan 15, 2008 06:44 PM

Remembering Bregman's Double Fudge Cake

I have been missing Bregman's at Yonge/St. Clair for one simple reason: their double fudge chocolate cake. It wasn't sophisticated, but it was heaven. In vain I have searched for a replacement: Phipp's, Dufflet's, Baker's Street, La Rocca and All of the Best Fine Foods. Does anyone out there remember Bregman's cake, and if so, are you aware of any cakes in the Toronto area that compare?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Janetc, fascinating post as it goes to one of the delightful truths about food - how frequent is utter disagreement when it comes to taste. I thought all the baking at Bregman's (except possibly their rugalah - sp?) was dreadful - heavy, doughy and commercial tasting. Totally undistiguished: one up from the "baking" done at Tim Horton's or some muffin or sub shop. Their chocolate cake was, to me, a prime example of heaviness with a limited flavour range, cocoa and chocolate and chocolate and cocoa, one up from Sara Lee. Sorry to disagree with you. I've honestly had "unsophisticated" chocolate cake infinitely moister and less cloying from Sobey's.

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      Big Tigger, you just put a smile on my face. Back in the early 80's when I was in my early twenties I waitressed at Bregman's. One day I was visiting my mom and she had baked rugalah. I brought a big bag filled with her rugalah to work that day and gave everybody a sample including Mike Grossman and Jody Bregman. Mike who was the Manager at the time asked me to bring my mom in to teach the bakers how to make her rugalah so I did just that.

      To make a long story short, my mom passed away last June and in remebering my mom in a gathering of friends or family one of the things we do talk about all the time is what an incredible baker she was. The Rugalah was just one of the dozens of amazing things she'd bake and what makes me smile is that you a complete stranger separated my mom's rugalah from the rest of the treats.

      Thank you,

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        it's funny you should say that. both bregman and grossmans family had bakeries years ago and were very good. I guess it was lost over the years due to the loss of most of the good jewish bakers

    2. Yes, different strokes indeed. I never found Bregman's cakes worth their calories. I'd suggest Dufflet, though I can't remember the name of the specific cake. It's NOT the one you'll see in supermarket boxes.

      1. Hey Janet
        I have to agree with you!!
        The only reason I went into Bregman’s was for their chocolate fudge cake! . . . I have not had a chocolate cake from dufflet's that has come close to the cake at Bregman's...and I have tried many of the cakes from Dufflet's (both from their store on queen and from supermarkets) The cake at Bregman's was always very moist and oh so chocolaty ...and was also at least half the price of a cake from Dufflets...IMHO Dufflet's cakes are over rated for the price you pay for them


        1. I wasn't impressed with the pastries at Bregman's either but I really miss their pea soup.

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          1. re: JamieK

            I didn't have any of their cakes but man oh man they made amazing Cheese Danish! No, they were not delicate and flaky with pastry to die for a la the 'original' Cakemaster on Cumberland BUT...Bregman's Cheese Danish qualified as a substantial breakfast!!!
            I like La Rocca's Double Chocolate Cake (forget what the name is) over Dufflet or Phipp''s the Birthday Cake of choice in our family.

            1. re: pearlD

              my kids loved the double dip chocolate cake from Health bread best.
              It is not as good now that it is being made by the Open Window people, but they still consider it a nostalgic treat.
              I do like Dufflets, as well, but find their Chocolate Cakes too sweet, much like Senses.

              1. re: erly

                I agree that the double dip from Open Window is fantastic, as is their chocolate fudge cake.

                The other chocolate fudge cake that I really like is the one from Dufferin/Allen Road Fortino's. I am not sure if is as any other locations, but I trek to that one when I am in need of a chocolate fudge birthday cake.

                In terms of high-end, the blackout cake from Bakerstreet is incredible. Bakerstreet is a wholesaler of cakes (I think it is on Marlee or around there somewhere) but they will sell cakes to individuals.

            2. re: JamieK

              Go to United Bakers, Bathurst/Lawrence Plaza

            3. Thanks for all for the replies. The cake was unsophisticated, but heaven to me nonetheless. I will try some of the suggestions. Many thanks again.

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              1. re: janetc

                I've heard that Hershey's restaurant on Avenue Road, south of Lawrence is owned by one of the former staff of Bregman's. It is supposed to be quite good for brunch but I have not tried it myself. Perhaps they have taken the chocolate cake recipe with them?
                Has anyone tried this place out?

                1. re: millygirl

                  The rumour about Hershey's is true. My family loved the Bregmans Chocolate cake and we were all devastated when they closed. We've tried the Hershey's version (in cupcake form) and although it looks identical, it tastes very different. I swear it has some kind of booze in the icing - which the Bregman's cake certainly did not! We've even asked the baker what is in the icing that is different from the old recipee, but they swear it is identical. Many of my family members have tried the cupcakes on different occasions, but we've all come up with the same result. Also, the food at Heashey's is very average, and overpriced IMO. A huge dissapointment.