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Jan 15, 2008 06:30 PM

Favorite Frozen Custard Places in the Valley

I intended that this post be a review for Ritter's Frozen Custard, but 100 words or so of splendiferous superlatives does not make for good reading.

So, those of you who live in the West Valley, please take the time to frequent Ritter's and keep frozen custard alive.

Those of you who live east of here - what are your favorite frozen custard places?

Add a Place doesn't seem to be working so, the address follows

Ritter's Frozen Custard
17014 W Bell Rd.
Surprise, AZ 85374

Ritter's Frozen Custerd
17014 W Bell Road, Surprise, AZ

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  1. I'm waiting for Culver's to open at I-17/Deer Valley. ButterBurgers and custard...yum...
    I tried Freddy's Frozen Custard a while back and wasn't impressed.

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    1. re: andyeats

      I can't wait either - LOVE their burgers and custard!! Whenever I 'have' to go back to Wisconsin to see hubby's family/friends, that is one meal I insist on.

      1. re: minnesota foodie

        Wiki says that up to 30 Culvers are planned for Phoenx. While I'm a bit leery of another massive fast food chain, I'm for anything that makes frozen custard a chowhound taste treat.

        Out here, in Surprise, I'm lucky to live near both a custard and a gelato place.

        1. re: jhenner

          Oh are you KIDDING???? A Culver's here in Phoenix? I'm SO GLAD to hear that. I don't even eat meat anymore (although I love the smell of butter burgers) but that place reminds me of high school. And I'm so glad to see some place with frozen desserts. For a hot climate, this place has a dearth of ice-cream joints, and I really don't dig the whole gelato thing -- overpriced and pretentious, IMO.

          1. re: anakalia

            I disagree with your gelato position. Most ice cream parlors, in my experience, tend to overload their treats with air. What isn't puffed up is freezer-burned.

            I'm willing to pay a dollar more for an item with little air content, and less risk of freezer burn. For example, Ritter's Custard is served at a warmer temperature and is more dense than ice cream. Well worth the premium.

    2. I've been to Golden Spoon in Gilbert and thought it was pretty good, but I'm no yogurt expert by any stretch.