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Jun 29, 2001 11:05 PM

Need Artesia Recommendation

  • j

We keep reading allusions to indian places being "of course not as good as in Artesia" but nobody ever mentions any place specifically. We'd like to drive down to Artesia and check it out. Can anyone give us some tips on some interesting places to go down there?

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    Carolyn Tillie

    Tough call -- I have eaten at four or five restaurants on Pioneer in Artesia and I haven't favored one more than another. I have a friend who prefers Ashoka, the Great Cuisine of India at 18614 S. Pioneer but I think I was disappointed at their lack of gulab jamen the last time we were there. Do look for a shop called Bombay Sweets that has, inside a restaurant, a continuously busy walk-up counter where a sample of Indian desserts can be obtained.

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    1. re: Carolyn Tillie

      I must whole-heartedly second Bombay Sweets.

      We should all mourn the passing of Radjoot, the jewel of Artesia's Little India.


      P.S. Ashoka has a "C" health rating. I ate there, despite that tag, and was thoroughly satisfied. But was a little put off by the C, as well as the super bright lights overhead. Terrible ambience. Not a first date place, even for an Artesian.

      1. re: zeke

        Rajdoot is gone?!! Oh no! I'm so depressed.

    2. Pioneer Blvd. is like the Little India area. Little India Grill has a small buffet. Recommended is the (eggplant) bharta, garlic naan, goat curry, and lentils.