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Jan 15, 2008 05:38 PM

good place to take a date???

hello i was hoping to find some info on a nice place to take a date, but with alot of chicken, and good salad options, she wont eat seafood of any kind or any kind of red meat... Thank you for any help or suggestions....

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  1. East, West, North, South?

      1. re: PrettyPlaty it was started by the same person.

        1. re: wutzizname

          Yup- and there were options in there! :-)

      2. sorry, well as for area somewhere around O.C. maybe out by hollywood? Im not really sure where any place is at around here i just moved out here from the east coast.

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          ConCannon, I know you're new out here, but Orange County and Hollywood are about 40 miles apart. Please be more specific. We all really want to help you.

        2. most restaurants have chicken and salads (people generally mix and match sides and appetizers if they have food issues that don't accomodate appetizers). you could go to mozza and have a margarita pizza and beet salad. or the goat cheese and leek pizza. it's really unclear what you're looking for b/c of the wide range in space. be more specific.

          for LOTS of chicken and salad:

          roscoe's chicken & waffles

          california pizza kitchen

          cheesecake factory

          1. Ti Amo
            on Pch
            Laguna Beach

            night cap afterwards at "Splash's" (she'll be done in!)