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Jan 15, 2008 04:51 PM

Le Chat Noir on Wisc Ave?

Our kids (10, 12 and 15) really got into French bistro food on a trip to Quebec. Believe it or not, they now fancy escargot. Wondering if anyone's tried Le Chat Noir on upper Wisc. Ave in the District? Menu looks classic bistro and owners are French. Any good? Would relatively behaved (but not silent) kids be welcome?

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  1. There's a thread on this (that's recent) already.

    1. All 3 times I've been there my friend and I (in our 30's) were WELL below the average age of the other customers (all 55+)? The servers also seemed annoyed if you didn't order multiple courses - which I didn't like.

      I think a better bet would be cafe la ruche in Georgetown. Food is just has good and loads cheaper. You waitress still speaks french - but you don't get as much attitude.


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