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Jan 15, 2008 04:44 PM

Enoteca (Campus Martius) - Detroit

Has anyone checked out this new wine bar? How's the vibe/atmosphere/aperitivo? Not sure if they serve any entrée? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Have been twice. It's in a very nice spot, looking out at Campus Martius. Atmosphere is trying to be a little bit more hip than the after-work crowd will bear, but if you like techno music you'll be right at home. Perfectly friendly and welcoming, however. No entrees--sandwiches and appetizers, which are pretty pricey; I think the sandwiches are probably a better deal, but I was with someone who wanted appetizers. One time we had a cheese selection, which I considered sparse for the price, and it was served with a few heavily spiced crisp bread pices that I thought interfered with the cheese--and there weren't enough of them. The second time I had a cold bean spread that was pretty good and went well with the wine. Lots and lots of wine, of course; they sell quite a few different three-glass "flights" (what is the origin of that word?) that are a lot of fun although they will lighten your wallet considerably, and I've been other places that give you more of each wine with this setup. I think it's still a work in progress, but there aren't that many places to go for drinks after work downtown, and I haven't been dissatisfied. I certainly feel stylish and cool, although financially unstable, after going there.

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      Enoteca is a nice place to get lighter fare, nice cheese selection. It's a "Euro" cafe. They have nicely done chocolates and salted caramel. It is pricy (but not a rip-off), the place is small, and a little out-of-place downtown. IMO it is a place to stop for a late lunch with a flight or a cocktail and finish with some chocolate. I wouldn't make a special trip but if your downtown, stop in because you might be suprised. The chocolates will make you take some home (if they make it that far).

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        is this the place in the lobby of the first national building? long and narrow place along the north windows? i walked in and took a look last friday afternoon around noon to see if was open for lunch and there were a few contractors with ladders. i didn't think it was open for business yet - looked like it was still under construction.

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          It is open. I believe it opened in late December.

      2. Just checked out the new wine bar and I think it's spectacular. Intimate and social atmosphere. Wide variety of wines and spirits. The asssortment of cheeses are to die for. A great evening after work with Vince the bartender and the friendly staff. Vince was inviting and made our evening enjoyable. The music selection is an ecclectic mix of jazz and Italian pop. Great Place, Great food and wine, reasonable prices, I'll definately be back!