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Jan 15, 2008 04:33 PM

New Green Bo - Tired

Went to this old vet and the verdict is that it is no longer good. I've been going to Shanghai Cafe but I thought I would revisit New Green Bo to compare. Ordered the Dou Miu and it was greasy and not anywhere as good as Shanghai Cafe's. The pork shoulder in brown sauce was too sweet. The highlight of the meal was the 5 spiced aromatic beef. It's sad that this one time stand-by has fallen so far. I will not be returning.

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  1. Hi, KT. I first read your post last night, having just returned home from dinner at Shanghai Cafe. It struck me as a bit funny, since my girlfriend and I had actually spent time comparing our meal to previous, similar meals at New Green Bo. The verdict:

    Pork and crab tiny buns: both versions more or less on par with each other
    Steamed veggie dumplings: much better at New Green Bo
    Ninplo-style eel: probably not a fair comparison but, while this dish was very good, it did not engender the crack-like addiction inspired by New Green Bo's crispy eel dish.

    That's not to say that New Green Bo is an infallible wonder. But, when we want to go out for dumplings and scallion pancakes, New Green Bo is still our top destination.

    1. KT and BO-
      Approximately 2 - 3 years ago, the wife and I did a comparision of Shanghai restaurants over the course of 3 - 4 months and I will say that at that time and still today, Joe's is still tops- in regard to the soup dumplings (most importantly) The pork and crab together is superb. in addition, overall freshness and quality of dishes. We love Spinach with tofu in meat sauce dish; it is usually on the specials list.

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      1. re: jonfbrooklyn

        Jon, I never questioned my choice of screenname -- until I just saw you abbreviate it.

        I tend to find that -- at least insofar as soup dumplings are concerned -- pretty much all of the joints that receive heavy chowhound support serve good ones. "The best", at that point, is simply a matter of personal taste. I enjoy Joe's as well.

        1. re: big o

          Shanghai Cafe had the best soup dumplings until about 6 months ago. The skins have gotten thicker and there is less soup then before. The quality has dropped down to the rest of the pack.

          1. re: KTinNYC

            moon house, moon house! and I never bother with the crab addition, really, so it's a steal at this place; $3 for either 8 soup dumplings or 8 of the pan-fried dumplings (shen-jian-bao) and both have pretty much the same filling with the same rich and fatty "soup" inside. love it.

        2. re: jonfbrooklyn

          really? i can't even tell there's crab at the one's in joe's. i went there recently (midtown one near my work) on a whim with coworkers and got the xiaolongbao. they were better than i remembered -- i think the quality varies from day to day and time of day(i'm a shanghai café person). i still don't get the crab ones though b/c i think they're a waste of money. i've done side by side taste tests getting one order of each. i can barely tell when eating one after the other, so i don't think ti's worth the extra money.

        3. I've found the soup dumplings at New Green Bo very consistent over the past few years... the only thing that's kept me out of there lately are the lines! The crispy eel I agree is very addictive, almost like candy. Some of the "over rice" dishes are a bit too greasy, though I've found the chicken with string beans to be decent, and the mock duck is very good too. I haven't found Joe's Shanghai to be worth the money or the wait... good, but not exceptional.

          1. I usually hate "Downhill Reports" and I've been a big NGB fan for a while now, but after tonight, I'm not sure that I'd ever go back. I should preface this by saying that on Valentines Day my boyfriend and I were planning to go to NGB, but found it closed. Instead we ended up walking over to Joe's Shanghai, which I've always wanted to try, but found myself at NGB instead every time. We had an excellent meal at Joe's. The soup dumplings had thin skin and were plump with a terrific flavorful broth. The double sauteed pork with crunchy cabbage slicked with a spicy sauce was wonderful as was the water spinach. Overall we were really impressed, despite the fact that it seemed rather pricer than NGB.

            Back to NGB tonight. Of the eight soup dumplings we were served, five were burst with the soup spread along the wilted cabbage. The skins were lumpy and pork inside mealy. They were really disappointing, bordering on gross. The fried pork dumplings were better, and although the skin was thinner/smoother the pork inside was tendon-y and tough. Finally we tried the Tong Po Pork which I had read about on CH before. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of pork fat but this was absurd. It was essentially a mound of gelatinous pork fat drenched in an overly sweet red sauce. The greens that were served with it were gritty and the buns cooled too much after steaming and before being served, as a result they were tough and rather well-adhered to the paper they served on.

            I've always tolerated NGB's less-than-friendly service, because the food paid off. This time it came across as a lack of respect for their product (broken soup dumplings! gritty greens!) and just a general air of not caring. To say the least, we were rather let down. I have a hard time imagining ever going back to NGB again-- particularly after our meal last week at Joe's Shanghai. Oh well, I guess sometimes downhill reports are true... sigh.

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            1. re: jdream

              their dong po rou is terrible....if uve ever had the real thing then u would realize that their rendition is not good at all

              1. re: Lau

                I had the tong po pork years ago with my parents and I recalled it being very good but the last time I ordered it it was as jdream reported.

            2. I officially wrote off NGB last spring.