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Lunch in Downtown Seattle

My work recently relocated to downtown Seattle and I'm looking for quick, delicious and hopefully, more authentic, lunch options than the offerings at Westlake Center's food court. I usually take a quick 30 minute lunch, so quicker is better. Does anyone have any suggestions for the Nordstrom area?

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  1. Pike Place Market:
    Pizza and salad at DeLaurenti's
    Pork hum-bao at Mee Sum on Pike Place
    Chili at World Class Chili
    Ethiopian - Injerea, wot, etc - great > on First at Pan Africa Market
    Kefta Kebab and other treats at Turkish Delight
    Gyros at the Gyros stand on Pike Place
    Cioppino at Jack's Fish Spot!
    Very good Pastrami, cornedc beef etc by the doughnut kiosk outside Delaurenti's
    Hot sausages at Uli's near there
    Halibut or Salmon sandwiches near there
    Farther away, but maybe busable, is The Baguette Box
    Sound View cafe used to have good salads,but it's been years.
    El Puerco Lloron, on the hillclimb.

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      There are a few good options in Westlakes as well: the Middle Eastern right by the elevators and the noodle place over near McDonald's.

      Nearby, Pabla on 2nd Ave had a very good Indian buffet.

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        Re: Turkish Delight-

        I went for lunch yesterday and found a line out the door. I noticed the doner kebap sandwich was ELEVEN SEVENTY-FIVE! I left, mostly because of the wait. How is this price justified? I fondly recall doner kebab as affordable street food in London and Germany.

        1. re: equinoise

          Beats me. I remember the increase to 7.95 bothered me, years ago.
          I'm afraid they've lost me now, and, though sporadic, I have been long a fan. $11.75 - nah...

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            I go to Turkish Delight weekly for their chicken chili. It's deliciously spicy, very filling and comes with a large, warm, fresh pita. That's the winning dish at TD!

            1. re: frygirl

              frygirl, is the chicken chili available only on a particular day of the week, or is it always on the menu?

          2. re: equinoise

            Let me just write that down as a visual aid - $11.75 + tax.


            I worked in downtown Seattle for about a year and it went from $8 to $10.95. Maybe they're trying to pay Ivy League tuition for their young ones.

            The soup and pita bread mentioned below is a much better deal. If the owner knows you (i.e. you go there 2-3 times a week) the portions seem to be pretty large - and she stuffs a third of the soup cup with pieces of chicken.

            1. re: equinoise

              I dropped by there today while looking for a good, quick lunch in the Market.

              Last year I spent a three months in Salzburg. Doner Kebap (Kebob) on every other street corner. Great lunch and a great price.

              I was blown away when I saw the price at over $11 at TK. Has anyone had it? Is it any good? Is it big? I can't understand that price, maybe the tourists will pay anything.

              Does anyone know where else someone could get a doner kebap sandwich in Seattle? Reasonably priced?

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                As part of our Pike Place Market lunch crawl - I had one last week. I had to. It's a rule! Otherwise there is no way I would have paid over $11 for it. Pics here: http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums//inde...

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              Dahlia Bakery (next door to the restaurant). Try Douglas' tomato basil soup and half a sandwich. Absolutely yum!

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                Crumpet shop in the market has great sandwiches and soups, and I second DeLaurenti's and Pan Africa Market.

                The Pastrami, corned beef, etc. place is called "I love New York Deli", and it's damned good.

              2. whenever i go to lunch w/ my friend who works at nordies, we go to pike place chowder in pacific place. amazing chowder, good sandwiches, yum.


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                  Yeah. Their Seared Scallop Chowder is amazing.

                2. Okay, okay... this is in the Westlake Mall food court but Bombay Wala actually has a good Masala Dosa served with chutney and sambal. It's also a bargain. It's the only thing I have ordered there so I cant' say much about the other choices.

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                    in Westlake food court, Noodle Zone's shrimp pad ki mao is also decent (be sure to specify how hot or non-hot you want it)

                  2. Take the South Lake Union trolley to Slo Joe's BBQ on Westlake. I regularly walk there from the shopping district for lunch, but if it's raining, the S.L.U.T. is a nice option. I order the combo: 1/2 bbq sandwich (beef or chicken - I like both), chips and your choice of a side dish. Try the spicy mac & cheese - that's my favorite side.

                    The new Whole Foods Market is also a very short walk from Nordies. They have an extensive prepared food section.

                    1. Pamela's Fine Foods in between 6th and 7th on Stewart is a family owned place that has good sandwiches, paninis, and some comfort foods (mac n cheese).

                      Other Coast Cafe at 601 Union has great sandwiches

                      You are close to the Tom Douglas block (Dahlia, Lola, Serious Pie) for something a little nicer. My wife loves Lola's lunch (greek), but it's more of a sit down hour type lunch.

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                      1. re: BallardFoodie

                        I second the Pamela's recommendation. Fantastic sandwiches - and they post their glowing health department report for all to see their perfect scores. Nice to know.

                        1. re: frygirl

                          I can't believe I almost forgot to recommend the Tower Deli. It's on 7th btwn Olive & Stewart. It's really fast and always packed. I recommend the potstickers or the turkey cranberry sandwich.

                      2. Good suggestions so far. I especially endorse the reccs for Pan Africa and Pamela's. I work at 7th & Pike and am always on the hunt for good, fast & affordable lunch options too. I'll add:

                        Harbor Deli on 4th near Tully's--hidden in the lobby of the office building. Delicious, freshly made food at good prices. Lots of Thai dishes and they also have daily specials like pot roast, pork loin.

                        Juice It Cafe - tucked down a hallway on the ground floor of the convention center at 7th & Pike. Healthy & tasty choices include brown rice bowls with various mixes of veggies, sauces and your choice of chicken, salmon or tofu. They also do salads, shakes, sandwiches etc.

                        Saigon and Jasmine in the Pike Place Market

                        The crepe stand right on Pike Street in the Conv Center is ok too.

                        The Il Forniao customize your own salad line in the Pacific Place atrium is a decent option.

                        The Protein Planet place on Pike & 4th makes good protein shakes.

                        I used to really like Harried & Hungry next to Bruno's on Third Ave but it seems like it has declined in quality so I haven't been in months.

                        Or, hop on a ride in the bus tunnel and hit Simba's Chicken & Kabob one block away from the Pioneer Square stop. (Probably will need a hour for this one though.)

                        1. Three Girls Luncheonette in the Pike Place Market. (Don't confuse this with Sisters, also in the Market.) This was one of the first women-owned businesses in the City, and is one of the oldest businesses in the City, period. (It's now owned by a guy.) This is a genuine joint. They make their own meatloaf, pastrami, and corned beef, and it goes without saying that all soups are from scratch. Sandwiches are generously sized and straightforward: choose your bread, your filling, your condiments; all sandwiches are the same price. A don't skip dessert, even if it means bagging it and toting it back to your office! Cookie jars faves are fine (choco chip, peanut butter) but explore some of the goodies available only at Three Girls: Mounds (coconut macaroon dunked in dark chocolate, the perfect ratio of crunchy crust to gooey guts), Almond Joy (same as Mounds, but with whole almonds on top), Black Russians (Russian tea cakes coated in dark chocolate). Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

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                            Just had the Reuben at Three Girls just the other day. Very yummy thanks to good ingredients, generous portions, and of course their sandwich press. That and the meatloaf sandwich are my faves there.

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                              Try a grilled ham and cheese on black rye from Three Girls. Delicious!

                              1. re: bourbongal

                                Three Girls is a very cool place to grab lunch.

                                Best chowder, very good sandwiches and also in Pike Place - Pike Place Chowder - they are also "downtown" in Pacific Place. Best Seafood Bisque Chowder on the planet.

                                Mae Phim Thai - classic!

                              2. re: Erika L

                                Three Girls is good. I like most of their sandwiches and their salads are great. My only beef with them is that the "avocado" on their sandwiches is actually guacamole. Not guacamole in the good sense, as in smashed up an avocado with salt and pepper and a little lemon, maybe a touch of garlic. It tastes like the frozen guac from costco.

                              3. A well-kept secret is the cafeteria on the 10th floor of the Nordstrom headquarters building, on 7th between Stewart and Olive. It's mostly for Nordstrom employees and for a while they weren't allowing anyone who didn't work in the building (which has other companies as well) to eat there, but last time I went it was fine. They have a great self-serve salad bar that always has roasted veggies (sometimes brussels sprouts, sometimes cauliflower) and good homemade dressings. They also have two hot entrees daily, a budget one and a slightly more expensive one, and a self-serve sandwich bar. The prices are really good.

                                Hate to mention the Westlake food court again, but if you order from the Thai place, rather than getting the pre-made combo dishes, it's really good. I like their sauteed veggies with ginger.

                                There's also Habesha, on 10th near Minor - a bit of a hike from Nordstrom, but not too far. It's Ethiopian and I think they have a lunch buffet.

                                And finally, Blue Water Taco Grill. They make the best Mexican fast food I've had outside of Mexico. They use fresh cilantro and make their own salsas. There's one in Union Square.