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Jun 29, 2001 11:27 AM

Taj in Beverly Hills

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Has anyone tried the Taj on La Cienega? Used to be the Gaylord. I'm thinking of going there, but is it worth the prices they're charging? Any better options for Indian?

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  1. Haven't tried Taj either. For reasonable Indian in the same area of town, try India's Grill in the little shopping center (south/east) where La Cienega meets San Vicente. It's not as good as the restaurants in Artesia, but it's decent.

    1. The Taj is okay, but for better Indian in Bev. Hills try the Bombay Palace on Wilshire east of Robertson. The food is quire good (though the menu is similar to the Taj; US- Indian standards), but the service can be remarkably bad, so I recommend going for a leisurely evening or ordering take out.

      1. I agree with the posts below that it's nothing special -- except that there's a Sunday brunch-type deal that is pretty good. Several Indian friends have their special functions there. It's a buffet that is inexpensive and slightly more traditional than the usual menu. A really good way to sample more than a dozen Americanized and "real" Indian dishes.