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Jan 15, 2008 04:00 PM

Vietnamese poboy?

where can I find a good vietnamese poboy? Thanks for helping me track this down.

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  1. Never had the poboy but Hipstix other food is good. If you try it please report back.

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    1. re: mrsfury

      I ordered the "Vietnamese Po-boy Combination" from HipStix this week.

      The bread they source from the Westbank was perfectly baked, with nice crisp crust and soft chewy inside. This particular bahn mi sandwich came with sliced pork, sliced meatballs and a little bit of good quality ham.

      The garnish was nice threads of pickled carrot/radish, lots of fresh cilantro, a sliced cucumber and garlic aioli.

      I've had the versions at Pho Tau Bay, and I must say that the HipStix version was larger and tastier. Definitely worth ordering for lunch if you're in the CBD/Warehouse district.

      The only thing I added was a little bit of sriracha.

    2. Dong Phuong is absolutely the best. It's also absolutely the most inconvenient place to get one. If you're willing to forgo the trip, the address is:
      14207 Chef Menteur Hwy.

      If you can't make it out that far, Hong Kong Market in the west bank has a good vietnamese deli. It's located on Behrman Hwy. in Gretna?

      Looking back in the older threads, Celeste recommended Pho Tau Bay, which I remembered having good poboys, but I haven't had sandwiches from there since I was a little kid.

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      1. re: Juvu

        Yes, Dong Phuong is the best (and by far the cheapest) around, but PTB is closer to my usual travel patterns, so I probably go there most often. A new one (not open last time I looked just before Christmas) is located just across the side street from Hong Kong Market on Behrman Highway on the Westbank in a spiffy new strip mall (which also houses a viet seafood restaurant & a liquor store)--can't recall the name, though.

        Hong Kong Market has bahn mi, too; sold from a counter on the far side of the store from the entrance, next to the BBQ ducks, quail, pork, etc. hanging from hooks.

        1. re: Juvu

          Dong Phuong has a location on Lafayette Street in Gretna--turn left after you get off the Expressway, and the restaurant will be on the left. I think they're as good as Pho Tau Bay, with a completely different, less homey feeling. Since the two restaurants are so close to each other, you can do your own taste test and report back.

          1. re: marthasway

            Now THIS is the best single piece of information on CH in many months. Oh thank you!

            1. re: marthasway

              I hope it can live up to the legacy of it's versailles counterpart.

          2. I like the bubble tea / vietnamese po boy shop that's right across the parking lot from Dong Khanh market on the Westbank. It's in Harvey, get off at Manhattan, go through the tunnel, and it's on the right just past the tunnel.

            1. Banh Mi Sao Mai

              14321 Chef Menteur Hwy.
              New Orleans, LA 70129

              this is a little take out place just down chef menteur from don phuong. i've never tried dong phuong, because whenever i'm in the area i can't make myself go anywhere but banh mi sao mai. there's only a few things on the menu, but the best banh mi is the one with pork and meatballs. i ask for it spicy, which means a dash or two of chili paste. good stuff.

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              1. re: Shiloh

                this place really is the best place ever. when i lived in new orleans, they use to operate out of a house. but i am so glad that they were able to move to bigger operations. i think they get their bread from dong phuong. so it will still be the best.

              2. Pho Tay Bay. Its on the westbank. Its right off the westbank expressway on the right side...right before the Lafayette Exit. Its got great vietnamese food.

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                1. re: cereed007

                  Speaking of, I've tried to go to Pho Tao Bay on at least three seperate occasions, twice for lunch and once for dinner, in the last few weeks, and on different days of the week. Are they closed for some reason unbeknownst to me, or do I just have phenomenally bad luck? As long as they aren't closing closing, because for a local vegitarian (i know, i know, my dad rolls in his grave) getting those tofu bahn mi are akin to religious pilgrimage.

                  1. re: swampsue

                    Well, they're now closed on Thursdays & Sundays, plus PTB was closed for an extended Christmas break, plus grandma passed away just before Christmas (leukemia, in PA). So you might have had a string of bad luck with regard to closing times. The regular hours are 9-9 M-W and Fri-Sat.

                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                      Ah, that's relieving (not the passing of course). Thank you very much. Think I'll go get me a tofu poboy today!