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Jan 15, 2008 02:34 PM

Mac and Cheese

Hello everyone-

I am currently looking to find the best mac and cheese in new york city, and the surrounding boroughs. All recommendations are appreciated!



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  1. Mac N Cheese at Blue Smoke is pretty darn tasty

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    1. re: banjolinana

      i will second blue smoke. have you tried s'mac and supermac. these are hole-in-the-wall takeout places but they might be worth a try. no, not the best in the city as you may expect, though. i am on the same search.

      1. re: nativeNYer

        I'm not a big fan of S'mac and Supermac - both *way* too salty - but the appetizer mac & cheese at Cafeteria is fantastc, even if the rest of the menu is uber-trendy and kind of forgettable.

        1. re: Emmmily

          not a big fan of either of them either but i just had to try. s'mac was much better than supermac but nothing extraordinary. we've only been to cafeteria once and tried the mac and cheese spring rolls (out of curiosity) and the calamari . i'll bet the mac and cheese is great as those spring rolls were outstanding. we'll have to return. that place is very entertaining; such a scene!

    2. I like the smoked gouda version at Jack the Horse tavern in Brooklyn Heights.

      1. The Mac/Cheese from Murry's (Bleeker) cheese shop is pretty good. (And you can eat it in your pajamas in front of the tv.)

        1. Try the Mac and Jack at Eatery ( It's topped with crispy onions. It's awesome.