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Younge and Sheppard - Looking for Pizza and Breakfast

Hey All,

I live in Younge and Sheppard area and was looking for suggestion for the best pizza place that delivers. Also is there anywhere walking distance that has a real killer breakfast. I'm amazed that the area has no breakfast places that I can find.


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  1. In terms of pizza, my personal favourite is Camarra's. It is located around Dufferin and Lawrence, but they do deliver to Yonge/Sheppard -- but only if you are south of Sheppard

    Sorry, I am not aware of any decent breakfast places within walking distance.

    1. Well, the only restaurant in the area that knows how to make a real pizza is Tony's, right across the street from the evil pizza mega-chain at the Sheppard Centre. They do delivery in the evening.


      1. agree no good breakfast in the area...that I know of yet!

        1. For chain pizzas, Mamma's is good and have a branch right in the neighbourhood that delivers. And yes, agree with all the posters -- there is no good breakfast spot in the area. In a pinch, the Greek restaurant (hmm...maybe the Friendly Greek?) on the east side of Yonge, a couple of blocks south of Sheppard serves a basic breakfast on the weekends.

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            Camarra's definitely has excellent pizza so if you're within their delivery grid I also highly recommend them!

            I've heard alot of good things about Mezza Notte's pizza, they're at Yonge/Finch. I haven't tried it myself personally but I will be doing so soon as I've heard enough good things about it to catch my interest.

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              Camarra's will deliver up to Finch, but you have to pay extra. http://www.camarra.com/delivery_area....

              Dante's near Yonge and Steeles in Thornhill will deliver to you. Although not my favourite, their pizza is very popular with those who live north of the 401. You may like it. http://www.dantesitalian.ca

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                If you can get to Bathurst & Sheppard, Wimpy surve a great brekey

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                  I'm not a fan of Wimpy's, but if the OP wants to try it, there's a Wimpy's much closer, at Sheppard and Willowdale.

          2. Paisano's Pizza at Willowdale and Shepperd delivers and they have great pizza.They also deliver pasta dishes, salads, etc. but I have never tried those.

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              I was going to suggest this place. My family loves it for their salads and mains too. But they definitely have my favourite pizza.

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                adding a link

                Paisano's Restaurant
                116 Willowdale Ave, Toronto, ON M2N4X9, CA

              2. Wow thanks for all the suggestions on the Pizza. I guess there really is no good breakfast places near by. Who ever does finally open one in the area will make a killing.

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                  It has been several years, but I remember actually having a marvelous breakfast at Paisano's and have been meaning to go back, but so rarely that far west at breakfast time. If they do still do breakfast I am pretty sure it is only a weekend thing, but definitely worth checking out. Especially nice in the summer when you can have your breakfast on the little patio.

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                    According to the website, breakfast is not served at Paisano's. The only place I know of in the area is the Greek place on the east side of Yonge just north of the 401.

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                      Yup, the Greek place between Sheppard and Yonge serves breakfast on weekends. From the pictures on the window, it looks like regular breakfast (eggs, toast etc.). I haven't been there for breakfast so I don't know how good it is.