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Noodle bar - are there any?

We're looking for a good Asian noodle bar that serves straightforward, cheap, soup and pan-fried noodles - lo mein and or chow fun noodles. Please advise!

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  1. Oh, how I wish there were.

    Someone prove me wrong, please.

    1. Forgive me, but what exactly do you mean by "noodle bar"?

      1. I don't think we have the noodle bar equivalent. I thought Tampopo was a noodle bar, but I found it too fussy and adulterated. Not bad tasting, but definitely someones personal interpretations of some typical noodle dishes. And to my horror they don't have ramen!!! Somebody change their name, quick!

        If you are talking about old school places that serve simple, preferably homemade noodle in a homemade soup, broth, sauce I don't think you will find it here. (Maybe there is one in Chinatown? Please, help!)

        There are lots of noodle shops around Guy-Concordia metro station (Concordia Ghetto, Chinatown deux, etc); but they are more into quantity and msg induced bloated umami than the art of noodle. But don't get me wrong, I eat at those places a lot (probably more frequently than I need); but I also regret my decision most of the time.

        Among that bunch, Roi du Wonton seems to be my favorite these days; but I have yet to try their noodles. Too busy with their soups and dumplings. Rumor says, they are made to order. Perhaps that would be the closest one you can get, but I cannot vouch before trying. Mmm, I wonder what I should have for lunch tomorrow...

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          By noodle bar I mean any place that has a decent selection of Asian noodles that are tasty. I do NOT mean any place in the Concordia ghetto. I work near there and those places are TERRIBLE. I have not tried Roi du Wonton, however.

        2. There's Dobe and Andy, which is a small "tea restaurant" (cha chaan teng) on St. Urbain right below Kam Fung. Their lunch specials are good by Montreal standards: $3.95 for a noodle soup and drink (lemon tea, milk tea, yuen yeung). They also have noodles, though it's been awhile since I've tried them.

          Prêt à Manger is decent, too. It's in the Concordia ghetto but it's in a completely different league from the bad places nearby.

          1. I'm not exactly sure what a noodle bar is, but Noodle Factory at 1018 st urbain (just past de la gauchetiere in chinatown) hand makes their noodles and dumplings and it might just be the best noodles that I've ever had. It's a small, simple restaurant with a couple tables at the front and friendly service. Also VERY good prices.

            Noodle Factory
            Montreal, Montreal, QC , CA

            1. Well, since this thread has been mysteriously bumped, why not use this as an opportunity to do a bit of a Montreal noodle round-up.

              Maison Du Nord: It's my go to place whenever I have a noodle craving, and that happens a lot. The hand-pulled noodles are great and the dishes they make with them are absolutely delicious. The only one I really don't like is the noodles with egg and tomato which to me is entirely too sweet and just tastes like canned spaghetti. Everything else from the niu rou mian to the zha jiang mian and noodles in scallion oil are off the hook. And I love their crystal noodle dish, which for $5 is one of the best food deals in town.

              Lotus Bleu in Verdun: it's my other favourite noodle place. And even though they only have two noodle dishes, I would walk five miles in a blizzard for a bowl of their Henan hui mian.

              Roi du Wonton: I like this place and the ladies there are very friendly, but their noodles are kinda just okay. The last time I went there, I had a bowl of really mushy overcooked noodles that really didn't make want to go back.

              Up Noodle: Never been and never heard anything bad or good about it, but i'm quite curious about it since it's the only Yunnan style noodle place in town. I should get around to trying it soon and report back.

              Ramen-Ya: This place got a lot of buzz when it first opened and seems to still be doing rather well. I was quite pleased by my first visit there, but for some reason I've only returned once since and have not really been craving it. It just didn't leave a very lasting impression.

              Ichiban Ramen: Never been, but no one except the ever positive Robert Beauchemin seems to like the place.

              Sumo Ramen: Never been. Every time I'm in Chinatown, there's always something more tempting.

              Noodle Factory: Gets a big meh from me. The dumplings are fine, but the noodle dishes all taste the same, are very greasy, not very attractive, and a bit bland. I hardly even think about going there despite the fact that I'm quite noodle obsessed and will never pass up to chance to have some.

              Kazu: It's not a noodle bar and they only have one ramen dish that I believe is only available at lunch, but it would be a shame not to mention it because it really very good. Just like everything else served at Kazu. It has even reconciled me with bamboo, which I still think stinks, but works really well in that dish at least.

              So what did I miss? Are there any hidden gems out there? Any worthwhile new places?

              Note: I purposely left out all the pho places because there are too many of them and there are already a bunch of pho threads on this board.

              Noodle Factory
              Montreal, Montreal, QC , CA

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                ok, my boyfriend and I had a HUGE craving for ramen so I researched a bit and read all the bad reviews on Ichiban and though It can't be THAT BAD and decided to give it a try anyway and judge on my own.. OMG was I WRONG!! The entire experience was NOT good!! Not good at all!!
                I ordered the Miso base ramen and the broth was tasteless, the noodles were too soft and again, tasteless. My boyfriend ordered the chicken miso ramen and the chicken bits were actually deep fried and the soup broth tasted like oil because of it. One thing worse than the food was the service! The waiter spilled water all over my boyfriends mobile and didn't even apologize.
                So to all you reviewers out there, i'm sorry I didn't listen!

                1. re: olivepit

                  i agree with your comment on ichiban.. for something that is supposed to be #1 (ichiban means #1), it's quite number 10.... probably powder ramen, noodles were overcooked and soggy and i had the exact same experience with the service (water spoiled all over my table.. maybe we had the same waiter lol)

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                  Godzillaz is finally open(after promising since July) on Ste Catherine near Atwater (next to Buffalo Bill). Hoping to try it soon and hoping it won't be as meh as the other ones that have opened up recently....

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                    What kind of noodles are they serving?

                        1. re: SnackHappy

                          Japanese Tapas... lol

                          Perfect example of overuse of a current buzz word.

                        2. re: chilipepper

                          I'll let you try it first and report back.

                          "New wave of casual restaurants" doesn't fill me with confidence, and I think everyone else has already expressed how I'm feeling about "Japanese tapas"

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                            The menu also looks like a dumb down version of the one from Momofuku noodle bar lol. I was sure I saw it somewhere.

                            1. re: vanierstudent

                              yeah but they have *takoyaki* on the menu! I have yet to see that elsewhere in Montreal.... I will try it once just to see if it is any good!

                      1. Went to Ramen-Ya the other day. It was decent, not outstanding, but the space was cozy and cute. Had a hosomaki roll to start, and the Yasai (sp?) bowl; my friend had the pork in Shoyu broth. Nevertheless comforting to eat during the winter. They also have pan-friend noodles and other noodle varieties including udon in addition to the soups. Wanted to try their pancake starter and deep-fried mochi dessert; that would be for next time.