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Jan 15, 2008 02:12 PM

To avoid in Vegas?

My wife and I will be going to Vegas the second week of March. Since this is something of a business trip we won't have a whole lot of free time - or money to waste. So we won't be hitting the "wear a tie" scene and would like to know what restaurants, especially on the strip, are to be avoided, either do to exorbitant prices for what you get or just for a lack of quality.


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  1. Considering there are *maybe* two restaurants in the entire city where I might suggest my husband wear a tie, and many if not most very good restaurants are probably overpriced compared to what the same restaurants would or do charge in other cities (even New York) because, after all, it's Las Vegas, you might get better suggestions if you would state some general parameters as to your budget, location (will you consider off-strip?), types of food you might enjoy, types of food you might not enjoy, what kind of atmosphere you might like (hip, quiet, etc.), and so on.

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      We'll definitely consider off-strip (If I can just get my wife to go to that Thai place I've heard of... :) ).

      I guess what I'm looking for is recommendations - and anti-recommendations - in the sub-$30 entree restaurant range. Italian is always good. My wife isn't all that hot on the Asian thing - especially spicy Asian, and I'm not likely to get her near sushi... sadly. I'm a red meat eater by choice, my wife enjoys chicken and turkey more often than red meat.

      I mean, all these places in the casino's make themselves sound positively heavenly, and frequently have celebrity (Hi Mario! Hi Wolfgang!) chef credentials - but are they all really that good? Or are some of them to be avoided - while others are of the, "this is a great place for a casual dinner - you've got to hit it" type?

      I think we're staying at Nellis AFB (everything but the dates are in the planning stages by someone other than me).

      For that matter, where do you find an accurate lowdown on the buffet situation these days?

      1. re: Foamer

        There are always fairly up to date threads here on Vegas buffets.

        If you are in Vegas on a Wednesday, then by all means try Rosemary's. It's great every night, but Wednesdays are Ladies' Night which is 1/2 off food for the ladies. They have an excellent $50 3-course prix fixe, so on Wednesday that would be $50 for you and $25 for your wife, excluding alcohol, tax, tip. It's a wonderful deal for some of the best food around.

        My husband doesn't like Thai food either, but he has become a giant fan of Lotus of Siam. I have to beg and plead with him, generally unsuccessfully, for him to have Thai food at home here in L.A. where we live not 10 minutes from some of the best Thai restaurants around. But when we go to Vegas, he is now begging me to go to Lotus. Every trip, and we go 5-6+ times a year. FWIW.

        Not all of the celebrity chef restaurants are all that good, but some are very good. It depends on what you like. We happen to like Mesa Grill very much for both lunch and dinner, while we are not particularly fans of Bobby Flay. But the food at Mesa is done quite well. It might push your dinner budget, but maybe, especially if you are open to sharing an entree perhaps, you could do it. My husband and I are both good eaters and we share entrees there at dinner, the servings are very generous.

        Fiamma at the MGM is pretty good Italian, and if you each had an appetizer then you could perhaps share a pasta and an entree and stay within your budget.

        Take a look at a recent post by Westie as he and his wife eat off strip and he does detailed write-ups.

        Burger Bar at the Mandalay Place (the little shopping area which connects Luxor and Mandalay Bay) is excellent. It's one of our favorite lunch places. Basically you choose the type of meat you want, and the bun, and the toppings, from a very large selection. The burgers are quite fabulous. Expect about $15 or so for an average burger with a few toppings but they are worth it. Maybe you would consider this for dinner one night.

        Hope this helps a bit.