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Jan 15, 2008 02:07 PM

Where to buy Boba/Tapioca Pearls in DC area


we just recently move to DC area and are looking for any grocery store/shop that sells Tapioca Pearls / Boba.

i read through the topics and found that Great wall carries them...are they good? how much are they??

Also does any other places sell it?

Would you provide name, address if possible. also what is a reasonable rate at which they can be bought?

i'm especially looking for the black pearls ( not tiny small ones) but regular size.

really appreciate any responses.



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  1. Kam San on Markham Street in Annandale (same plaza as A&J) sells small packs of the black pearls. I think they're in the snack food aisle, on the side with the dried fruits. They do NOT sell the straws. If I remember right, it is a small pack, perhaps enough for half a dozen drinks, at under $2.

    Grand Mart in Sterling (Rt 7, about half a mile west of Fairfax County Parkway intersection) also sells them, though I can't recall if it is black or multi-colored pearls. Again, I haven't seen the fat straws.

    Given the choice, I'd go to Kam San and have lunch at A&J first. A&J makes a decent boba drink, particularly the coffee, passion fruit, and taro varieties. We aren't as wild about the drinks from Maria's bakery in the same plaza.

    Now, would someone please bring a top quality Chinese bakery to our area?

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    1. Last time I was at Tyson's Corner mall they were selling them at Teavana. Although if you're in Tyson's it's only another couple miles to Great Wall...parking is easier and there are fewer 15 year olds in your way.

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