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Jan 15, 2008 01:50 PM

"Just damn good food. . ."

I'm new to the city, and I really love and appreciate good food. I want to know, not what places are the trendiest, not what places are the fanciest, I want to know what places make 'just damn good food'. . .

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I went to BonMarche the other night in Nolita and it was just darn good food at a really darn good price. I was amazed after hearing nothing about it from anyone. Ever.

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      1. re: doona

        Haha. Yup. I did mean Bar Marche.

      2. Amy Ruth's Home Style Southern Cuisine.......Chicken and Waffles!!! The service is friendly and the fried chicken is amazing. I'm from the south.....the fried chicken was amazing!

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        1. re: meldrom

          I second Amy Ruth's! Just be sure and bring your appetite! I had the honey fried chicken--tasty!

        2. Where do you live?
          It could help to do it by neighborhood?

          1. My suggestion is Square Meal, on E. 92nd Street just west of Madison Avenue - fits the bill perfectly in my opinion.


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            1. re: MMRuth

              I like Carmine's on Front Street and it's very good value

              1. re: bronwen

                bronwen, linguini with white clam sauce and soft shelled crabs almondine (when in season) are good. The food is okay, not great. The atmosphere is old, historic and tired. It used to be open 24 hours in "the day."

            2. Crispo for pasta and Delizia for pizza.
              Velselka for soup and California Pizza Litchen for salads.
              Jackson Hole for burgers and ZaZa for lasagne.
              New Green Bo for soup dumplings and shanghai cuisine.
              Shake Shack for anything!