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Jan 15, 2008 01:44 PM

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

Hi, all! We're looking for cupcake recommendations for a cupcake-off we're doing at work. We all live in the East Bay (Richmond, Berkeley) so we prefer East Bay bakeries, but it's more important that they're good (we want the best!) than easy to get to. So far we're getting ones from Teacakes and Love At First Bite. Please help us! TIA!

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  1. I like the brightly frosted cupcakes from the bakery at Market Hall.

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    1. re: Oakland Barb

      How do they taste? I think we're going to try and do at least one "standard" (like vanilla), and one fancy flavor - do they have a variety?

      1. re: coolbean98

        Should I say "pink or blue"? I think they might go as far as chocolate, but I don't believe they have an exotic flavor (excepting the above).

        1. re: Oakland Barb

          Are they vanilla with pink or blue frosting? Because that's good enough for me. What do they taste like?

          1. re: coolbean98

            Yep- vanilla.
            It's a spongy kind of cupcake and the frosting is really good.
            Nothing esoteric about them They look like "fancy" supermarket cupcakes (but fresh) and taste the way you always think the supermarket ones should, but don't- if that makes sense.

      2. re: Oakland Barb

        I stopped by Market Hall for first time last night while I was picking up a menu from Oliveto. Saw that they only had 2 types of cupcakes behind the glass at that time. a chocolate one with chocolate frosting and a vanilla cake one with pink frosting.

        Great Market by the way. Will need to go back to check it out further.

      3. After research on Chowhounds, Yelp, & Local Publications, I found the following suggestions for our "Cupcake-off"

        Our Possibilities So Far:

        Love at First Bite- Berkeley

        Teacake Bake Shop- Emeryville

        La Farine- Berkeley/Oakland

        Toot Sweets Fine Desserts- Albany

        Fat Apples Restaurant-Bakery- El Cerrito/Berkeley

        Cassandra's Wedding Cakes and Beyond- Richmond

        Market Hall Bakery- Oakland

        Le Gateau Elegant- Martinez

        Please give more suggestions/comments!

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        1. re: trailofbreadcrumbs

          Lola's on Solano occasionally makes cupcakes, but they are bigger than conventional ones. A couple weeks ago they had a devil's food with what I think was a chocolate ganache frosting that was out of this world. You can taste the good quality butter and chocolate that goes into these. I've also seen a banana cupcake there, but haven't tried it. Call and see if they will do a special order for you. All the baked goods there are very high quality.

          1. re: lmarie

            Sounds Delicious! I hope they have that devil's food cupcake. Thank you for the suggestion, calling ahead will make this adventure much easier.

          2. re: trailofbreadcrumbs

            There is a Teacake Bake Shop in Lafayette, too, in the same shopping center as Chow's but probably the same inventory as the one in Emeryville, which was their first location.

            Teacake Bake Shop
            35 Lafayette Cir, Lafayette, CA

          3. La Farine and FatApples remain my favorite. Crixa carries cupcakes but the last time I had one it was a super-sized cupcake and didn't fit my critera for what a cupcake should be. I see they have smaller sized ones now, but haven't tried them.

            I'm going to lose all credibility here, but Raley's cupcakes have been calling out to me lately. I KNOW the are probably supermarket drek ... but they look so pretty ... in that phony supermarket way.

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            1. re: rworange

              haha.. I almost picked one up the other day, they've been tempting me also.

              1. re: rworange

                Crixa carries cupcakes?? I live around the corner and I've never seen cupcakes there - do they only have them at certain times? Or are they some kind of small cakes that don't look like conventional cupcakes (I guess the difference would be shape and those crinkled liners)?

                1. re: coolbean98

                  They sure look like cupcakes, possibly rarely made but special order. Sort of like the
                  Lenten Russian Honey Cake.

                  1. re: wolfe

                    I'd ask or check the daily online menu. It seems they start making them around Valentine's Day.

                    1. re: rworange

                      If that is true than this is PERFECT timing.

              2. That Takes the Cake in SF (2271 Union) delivers, although there might be an extra charge to the East Bay. They are the best cupcakes on earth and have a good variety of flavors as well as a tasty vanilla option. My favorite is the red velvet. More info at:

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                1. re: ashley9779

                  I must visit every cupcake shop, so when I read the above post about That Takes the Cake, I was shocked that I hadn't heard of it. We were fairly close by today, so I did stop, and I have to say NO. Just NO. Very cute shop. Everything cosmetically so nice and foofee and lovely. Beautiful young woman behind the counter. But the cupcakes? BAD! Very chemically tasting and the frosting is really grainy, fakey flavors, and one note (sickeningly sweet). It's mostly the graininess and funky flavors that mess up these cupcakes. I didn't think Kara's were perfect, but they are far superior to this place--all style and no substance. I also wasn't pleased by their mix of Tuesday flavors. No chocolate with chocolate frosting, but they did have chocolate with Oreo frosting. Yuk. The flavoring in the vanilla cupcakes really does not taste like real vanilla.

                  1. re: Atomica

                    This reminded me -- a friend bought the vanilla/vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and we all agreed that it was a big thumbs down. The cake was fine, if a bit dry, but the frosting was awful, with really fake and sweet flavors.

                    On a more positive note, on Sunday I had one of the Teacakes' Raspberry cupcakes (vanilla with raspberry frosting, they also have chocolate with raspberry frosting) and it was really delicious. I may want to go back for more next Sunday.

                    1. re: JasmineG

                      I bought a cupcake from the Potrero Whole Foods a few weeks ago--I think it was vanilla cake with chocolate frosting or vice versa. Anyway, it was actually quite delicious. I believe the products vary widely from store to store.

                      1. re: Atomica

                        Replying to myself here. Just bought a vanilla cupcake at the same WF. The cake part was kind of old and not as good as last time. The frosting is a bit over the top. I'm willing to bet there's a whole stick of butter in the amount of frosting used on one cupcake.

                2. You could also give a call to Sharlene's BabyCakes--they are based in Oakland and make really fabulous (and cute) cupcakes to order. I had some at a friend's birthday party and they were super-delish!