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Jan 15, 2008 01:17 PM

Ceilidh House, Westmoreland, NH


Was wondering if anyone in the SW New Hampshire area had a chance to try out the Ceilidh House. Purportedly they serve "authentic" fare from Scotland, Ireland and beyond. Thoughts, if any? I wanted to go there for lunch some afternoon.


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  1. Its ok, not great. Never been to Scotland, but definitely not Irish food. They seem to be closed a lot, so definitely call first.

    Salt Hill in Newport has good bangers & mash, and an excellent ploughman's platter. Heritage Restaurant in Charlestown has a proper Irish breakfast.

    1. The full menu is on line at Many of the recipes (Beef Ireland, Gaelic Cheescake, Irish Nachos, Cork Loafers...)were all developed in Ireland by an Irish Chef named Morris Hayes. In fact, the entire menu is the result of several trips to Ireland, Scotland, & Wales by the owners. The Bangers and Mash are, in fact, imported from across the Pond.

      It is a typical non-American-oriented other words, dont expect waitstaff or someone doting on your every need. You move your own tabels around, place your order at the bar, and make it 'home.' Several ex-Dubliners have written them comments such as, "You've hit it!" and "It's the first time I feel like i've been home since I left!"