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Ice Cream Beads?

Carolyn Tillie Jun 28, 2001 07:45 PM

When I was in Virgina -- over 7 years ago, admittedly -- in the mall there was a shop that sold Ice Cream Beads. Essentially, into a paper cone was scooped little frozen beads (about the size of a small pearl) that when spooned into one's mouth, would turn into ice cream.

Are these things still around or did I try an attempt at a fad that never made it?

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  1. k
    kevin RE: Carolyn Tillie Jun 28, 2001 08:04 PM

    there know as dippin dots or "the ice cream of the future" at some places. it can be found at a stand in the Universal City walk and I've seen it often at amusement parks. You're right. it hasn't really hit that big in LA. I also heard of a vending motions that would dispense this oddity, but havent actually seen it.

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    1. re: kevin
      Jim Leff RE: kevin Jun 29, 2001 11:17 AM

      Really cool vending machines...you get to watch the process. Kids love it.

      Just be careful not to put the stuff in your mouth.

    2. m
      muhlyssa RE: Carolyn Tillie Jun 28, 2001 08:19 PM

      I've seen them at 3rd Street Prominade in addition to City Walk.

      1. m
        Mike Kilgore RE: Carolyn Tillie Jun 29, 2001 11:12 AM

        Never tried, or heard of these. I do like the Japanese mochi wrapped ice cream. Sort of Japanese ice cream bon bon's. Mochi is rice that is pounded until it gels, then they toast it. I like the coffee ice cream flavored ones best.

        1. h
          Hoc RE: Carolyn Tillie Jul 16, 2001 02:01 AM

          I tried "Dippin' Dots" on a recent vacation to Hawaii. They are still around, extremely expensive (around $5 for a small cup), and not that good. Yet, they appear to be spreading.

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