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Jun 28, 2001 07:45 PM

Ice Cream Beads?

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When I was in Virgina -- over 7 years ago, admittedly -- in the mall there was a shop that sold Ice Cream Beads. Essentially, into a paper cone was scooped little frozen beads (about the size of a small pearl) that when spooned into one's mouth, would turn into ice cream.

Are these things still around or did I try an attempt at a fad that never made it?

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  1. there know as dippin dots or "the ice cream of the future" at some places. it can be found at a stand in the Universal City walk and I've seen it often at amusement parks. You're right. it hasn't really hit that big in LA. I also heard of a vending motions that would dispense this oddity, but havent actually seen it.

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      Really cool vending get to watch the process. Kids love it.

      Just be careful not to put the stuff in your mouth.

    2. I've seen them at 3rd Street Prominade in addition to City Walk.

      1. Never tried, or heard of these. I do like the Japanese mochi wrapped ice cream. Sort of Japanese ice cream bon bon's. Mochi is rice that is pounded until it gels, then they toast it. I like the coffee ice cream flavored ones best.

        1. I tried "Dippin' Dots" on a recent vacation to Hawaii. They are still around, extremely expensive (around $5 for a small cup), and not that good. Yet, they appear to be spreading.