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Jan 15, 2008 12:53 PM

Recommend cheap eats in "Silver Spring"?

Hi all. Girlfriend and I just moved to what I can only describe as Northern Silver Spring - north of Bel Pre on Layhill Road. We're looking for cheap eats nearby (we are young professionals with grad loans who love to eat out). Looking for recommendations for all types of restaurants. We love Asian, specifically Thai and Vietnamese. Had a great dinner last night at Azucar. Fantastic. Thanks for all your help.

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  1. Most of the cheap eats are down Wheaton-way, so you should check the board for Wheaton restaurants. But note, there is a good seafood store (raw and cooked) on Georgia Ave, right near Popeye's (south of Randolph Rd) -- things like crab and cooked seafood.

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      Silver Fountain in Aspen Hill does pretty decent dim sum, but Wheaton is definitely the local collection of cheap eats near you. Los Chorros, Ruan Thai, Hollywood East - search for Wheaton on the board.

      Also, up Olney way on 108 just east of Georgia, there's BJ Pumpernickel's, a decent approximation of a NY deli. And when you want to spend a few extra dollars, Le Mannequin Pis on Georgia just south of 108 is stellar Belgian food, at prices gentler than you'd expect (though still not cheap).

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        When taking the dog to the vet up in Cloverley (out New Hampshire Ave.), we found the Greek Island Grill. Nothing fancy, but we've never had a bad meal there... plus good Greek beers and wonderful service. It's in the same strip as a Fractured Prune.

    2. As a grad student myself, I'd have to recommend Mandalay Restaurant & Café the address is 930 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, MD 20910. The food is really good (Burmese) and the owners are great people. My favorite dish there is the sour mustard pork, but they offer an extensive menu that is also vegan friendly.

      1. One of the nice things about where you are living is that it is easy to get to Wheaton, Silver Spring proper, or Rockville.

        In Silver Spring, try Adais Ababa (sp?) on Fenton St. Great Ethiopian food for reasonable prices. I recently took my wife, son, and my son's friends to dinner there, and the five of us were stuffed, including a beer or meade for each of us for about $25 each.

        At the corner of GA Ave and Rt. 28 (Norbeck Rd) is a small strip shopping center that has a pretty good Gyro place (they also make a great Meditranian Chicken), a decent (but there are better) Thai restaurant, a Korean restaurant that is so ethnic that it doesn't have an English name, and a good if somewhat laid back Jamacian place.

        There is also a good Mexican restaurant in Plaza del Mercado called El Napolito, but it is fairly expensive and best for the non-mexican foods, especially the seafood (the "Tex-Mex" stuff is ordinary at best, but the seafood and the lamb chops are as good as anywhere and they make a killer crabcake.) Also above the Plaza on Layhill is Lee's Ktichen, ordinary Chinese food, but occasionally some good specials, and they do a land office take out business.

        There is a very good Korean restaurant, Yett Gol, in the corner of the shopping center at Layhill and Georgia Ave. I can't remember the name, but the food is authentic and spicy and the folks seem pleased when you come in and order.

        In Wheaton is Max's Kosher Cafe. A dive, but the best schwerma and falafel in the area. They are glatt kosher, so they close each week at 2pm on Friday, and don't reopen until 11am on Sunday. Great matzo ball soup too.

        In Burtonsville (our Rt. 198) are a couple of good choices. A decent Cuban place Cuba de Ayer and the Old Hickory Grill (ribs and New Orleans food) where they make the best steak salad I ever had.

        Go into Rockville and try Joe's Noodle House, Urban BBQ, Bob's 88 Shabu-Shabu, or Bombay Bistro.

        In White Oak Center (New Hampshire Ave in the White Oak shopping center) is a very good Indian restaurant, Bombay, and a decent Greek place Chef Theo's.

        1. All,

          Thanks so much for the recommendations. We can't wait to get started on our new restaurant checklist.