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please nominate: best tasting steak you have ordered in past 90 days

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anywhere in USA.

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  1. Both in Chicago:

    #1 A 20+ day Dry aged K.C. Strip @ Saloon Steakhouse in Chicago, the best steak I have ever eaten

    #2 An 8 oz prime filet @ Joes Seafood, Prime Steaks, and Stone Crab in Chicago. The steak was paired with 3 select stone crab claws, otherwise I would have chosen a bigger cut of beef.

    Both were cooked rare to medium rare, and were perfect coming out of the kitchen.

    I also cooked an incredible prime 12 oz filet @ home for New Years Eve dinner that was top notch as well. Hats off to my local butcher for that beef.

    1. Peter Luger, Brooklyn N.Y. Porterhouse medium rare. Going back in March.

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        That makes two of us, I'm also going back in March. Even if other's say it's going slightly downhill, I still think they have the best steak in NYC.

      2. Not exactly "ordered" but the best recently was a 16 oz frenched, bone-in ribeye from Marin Sun Farms in Point Reyes Station, Marin County CA. (Washed down with a Stag's Leap cab.)

        1. NY Strip at Ray's the Steaks in Arlington, VA with blue cheese and cognac cream sauce.

          1. Dang, you had to put a time on it. In the last 90 days, I've had one very fine steak. It was a rare, wet-aged tenderloin from Capital Grill, Phoenix, AZ. Still, it did not make my "Top 10 List." I've had Kobe, "American Kobe," Wagyu Beef, "American Wagyu Beef," "Australian Wagyu Beef," and almost every other possible style/type. The king of them all was a tenderloin in Poipu, Hawai`i, at a restaurant at the Grand Hyatt, Dondero's. Now, this was a Northern Italian restaurant, and in Hawai`i. It was over-the-top, and the best, of the best. However, it was now 19 months ago, so does not qualify. In the meantime, I've had steaks around the globe, that did not make the top 10 list, and some of these were 5x the price of that tenderloin and had a pedigree, that would fill a small book.

            Maybe the best thread would be a "Best Ever."


            1. In past 90 days it would have to go to Red Square at The Quarter, Atlantic City, NJ. Very rare filet topped with roquefort, served with red wine reduction.

              1. Hope Canada counts. The new Ruth's Chris here in Calgary. I was very pleasantly suprised, maybe had a bit too much butter for my liking. This isn't really a steak, but for New Year's Day dinner we got our hands on a Sterlling grade Prime Rib Roast (sterling is comparable to the US "prime") that had been aged 45 days from a guy who sells to restaurants. Medium rare with au jus laced with cabernet and served with Blue Cheese double stuffed potatoes. I still think about it *drool*

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                  Sterling is selected from AAA or Prime by Cargill. There is very little Prime available, so most of the Sterling is AAA.

                2. Kobe Beef filet at Craftsteak in New York

                  1. Dry-aged T-bone at Cattleman's in Oklahoma City.

                    1. 8 oz rare Filet paired with Stone Crabs @ Joes in Vegas...didn't bother with the seasoning salt (served on the side) extremely tasty

                      something about chilled seafood next to a good steak makes me very happy

                      1. Best steaks I've ever had are rib-eyes (mail order) from Alderspring Ranch. But word has gone around the country, I gather, and they're hard to get. I was only able to get two, so I have no idea as to the consistency. Those spoiled me so much I'm not even eating steak these days. (No. I have no connection with Alderspring.)

                        1. In the last 90 days- The porterhouse at Shulas in the Troy Marriot, MI.
                          Best Ever? The dry aged Porterhouse at Queue de Cheval in Montreal.

                          1. The Kone Beef Filet at Craft Steak and Peter Luger's in late October.

                            1. The Prime Rib at Esquire Grill in Sacramento, CA

                              1. Excluding Kobe & Wagyu . . . the Bone in Ribeye at Metropolitan Grille in Seattle. The Kona Rub on aged Porterhouse or Bone-in ribeye at Capital Grille in Phoenix.

                                1. Angus rib eye with goat cheese on top at Chef Pasquale's in Round Top, Texas

                                  1. Just had a Waygu tenderloin at Argyle at the Four Seasons at Aviara, Carlsbad, CA, that was way up there. In the total scheme of fine beef, it probably comes in at #6, but the others were spread over many years. To-die-for steaks are something that I do fondly remember, even 30 years later.


                                    1. I am fortunate enough to have freshly slaughtered organic free range beef, not one but three providers, so my best tasting steak has been in my back yard from my grill. Sometimes rural is better.

                                      1. I love the filet medallions at Wildfire, or the marinated filet at Alexander's steakhouse in Champaign, IL.

                                        I know you said USA but I have to throw this in there too: The lomo steak at La Cabrera in Buenos Aires is amaaaazing.

                                        1. Peter Luger in Brooklyn, just awesome!

                                          1. Ever: I'd say Lugers in brooklyn. Past 90 days is a tie between the porterhouse at Wolfgangs on Park ave in NYC and the 2" thick Bone-in Ribeye I pan seared last week.

                                            For me, as good as the best steakhouses are, nothing beats a grass-fed bone-in ribeye steak, cooked medium rare in a cast iron skillet prepared with nothing but salt, pepper and a thin coat of canola oil.

                                            1. Prime dry aged 14 oz. NY strip from Lobel's in New York City, delivered to my door overnight. Cooked over real charcoal on my backyard patio Weber grill. Medium rare. Served with broiled tomatoes, roasted asparagus with balsamic glaze, and stuffed baked potatoes. Accompanied by a Swanson Alexis (syrah/cab blend). Come to think of it, it was so damn good I think I'll do it again tonight (we don't have any decent steakhouses within 200 miles), so if you will excuse me, I must go light the charcoal.

                                              1. I haven't had a steak in a restaurant in that time period, but the best steak I've had within the period was a 16oz 21+ day aged ribeye from Whole Foods- cast iron sear, oven finished to the rare side of medium rare- just right.

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                                                  I usually am a Sirloin guy but I had
                                                  Prime Rib at Trio in Narragansett, RI this past week and it was incredible.

                                                2. The bone in ribeye from Mastro's in Beverly Hills. They had to run my credit check first...but it was a tasty piece of meat.

                                                  1. Ostrich. And while I didn't strictly order it, I accompanied my wife to the butcher and approved the purchase. And no, it didn't taste like chicken. It tasted like emu.

                                                    1. I can't say the steak was overly remarkable, but the jack daniels' sauce on the steak was GREAT! Friday's Jack Daniel's petite sirloin.

                                                      I'm definitely going to find a copy cat recipe and make it to go over stuff. :D

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                                                        Ribeye I bought at Wal-Mart that was about to go out of date.

                                                      2. Having had both a Wagyu ribeye and a spectacular USDA Prime hanger steak (gristle in, please) in the last 90 days, I can now die happy.

                                                        Looking back, though, twenty years or so ago I had a tenderloin with Bordelaise at Sparks Steakhouse that still sticks in my mind. Not sure whether the steak is as good as I remember, or if it's just that it was so much better than anything I'd had until then, but still... Maybe it was Big Pauly Costellano's ghost that added the extra something.

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                                                          AB, Sparks was an easy glide when I lived across from the UN. on "the hill" on E. 47th. And a good steak. But there was always someting about the thrill of the ....nevermind. RIP Big Pauly Costellano.
                                                          After they removed my mailbox, I got the message and removed myself.

                                                        2. This past weekend, I had the best steak of my life, and it's a big sample size ;~) in Toronto at Splendido. A 60 day dry aged 18 oz organic grass fed bone in rib eye. Perfectly cooked medium rare with only salt and pepper. Fantastic!