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Jan 15, 2008 12:33 PM

Good breakfast in Waltham

I'm going to be in Waltham tomorrow and I'm looking for a good breakfast place. I have been to In a Pickle on Main Street and thought that their breakfast was okay. My homefries were burnt to a crisp and I threw them out. Are there any good breakfast places in Waltham? Has anyone been to Wilson's Diner or Joseph's II recently? If so how is their food?

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  1. I wasn't thrilled with Wilson's, although I wanted to like it. Very generic, and lousy coffee. I haven't made it to Joseph's II yet, but would suggest that before Wilson's. Brunch at the Skellig, on lower Moody, is good. They start serving at 10, classic Irish breakfast as well as the standards.

    1. I would recommend Joseph's II over Wilson's. We went to Wilson's on a late Sunday and managed to snag a seat quickly and then waited FOREVER for pretty mediocre food. Also watched a waitress who had cleared and cleaned a table butter toast without washing her hands.

      If you have the time, Watertown has better options with the Deluxe Town Diner and also the Talk of the Town Diner.

      1. Strip-T's on School St in Watertown is very good; homemade and fresh.

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          Unless they've changed hours, Strip-T's doesn't serve a full breakfast.

        2. To be truthful, I think all of them are sorta lousy. Waltham totally needs a good breakfast place, it's sorely lacking in that area.

          1. Kinda late, but Wilson's only looks like a vintage diner on the outside. Inside, it's a sub-par Greek diner. I like Joseph's II: it has parking, a no non-sense waitstaff, and a menu that reminds me of a 1960s-era Howard Johnson's. Decent coffee, too.

            Cafe on the Common does (or did, I haven't been back in a while) good coffee drinks and pastries, no food cooked on premises.

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              I didn't stop for breakfast in Waltham yesterday. I did drive by both Wilson's and Joseph's II. There were a few cars at both places yesterday morning around 9am. I'm going to try Joseph's II someday for breakfast. It looks like there really aren't any fantastic breakfast places in Waltham. When I go out for breakfast I normally go to Victor's Diner in Watertown.