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Jan 15, 2008 12:29 PM

Loft Restaurant good for Rehearsal dinner?

I'm trying to find out what people think about the Loft Restaurant in the UWS.
I was thinking about holding a rehearsal dinner for under $50 pp for about 80 people. Do you think that is possible in NYC? I'm ok with any location in NYC and want something cool for people in their 30s.

Thanks much!

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  1. The place is the cutest. I love it. And service was good too.

    Unfortunately, the food was kinda overpriced (although still moderate) and really bland. I do remember their appetizers to be good though.

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      Thanks! I'll look into this place!

    2. I was under the impression they closed last Fall!

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        They didn't close, but there were lots of rumors. There is nothing worse than booking a party, only to find out the place may or may not be in business. We went through that with Loft. They asked about the rumors and they told us that the place was being put up for sale -- but if they didn't sell it, it might close in 2008. The same owners opened a place in Miami and moved a lot of staff there, including the very competent party manager, Jess. The replacement was clueless. We are still annoyed about them serving desert exactly 5 minutes before we had to be out of the space (they back-to-back parties and book multiple parties simultaneously). Nice space but you should think about finding someplace else.

        1. re: jcooper

          Wow thanks for the heads up! I didn't hear of these rumors. Back to the drawing board to look for a place. :)