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What to do with Meyer lemon Abundance???

please...we need help. After making many batches of limoncello, which use only the zest, we have the juice left. I have frozen it in ice cubes, and use bits thru the year, but now have this years and last years, WAY TOO MUCH LEMON JUICE.
I would love to make something like a lemon syrup, or lemon jelly or something that we could give away, as we do little bottles of the limoncello....
for now will be making LOT of lemon bars...


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    1. make some lemon sorbet! if you have one of those ice cream machines it's easy, delicious, and can be stored for a while-- and given as a gift.....

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          Along these lines, Suzanne Goin has a recipe for a meyer lemon tart. You blind bake a pate sucree shell, then spread a very thin layer of chocolate on it. Then layer some meyer lemon curd on top. Very good.

        2. how about a lemon-mint granita?

          1. Preserve them! Im about to make a batch for a Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Green Olive recipe I found:


            To preserve the lemons:

            Active time: 15 min Start to finish: 5 days
            Servings: Makes 48 pieces.

            2 1/2 to 3 lb Meyer lemons
            (10 to 12
            )2/3 cup coarse salt
            1/4 cup olive oil

            Special equipment: 6-cup jar with tight-fitting lid
            Blanch 6 lemons in boiling water 5 minutes. When cool enough to handle, cut lemons into 8 wedges each and discard seeds. Toss with salt in a bowl and pack into jar.

            Squeeze enough juice from remaining lemons to measure 1 cup. Add enough juice to cover lemons and cover jar with lid. Let stand at room temperature, shaking gently once a day, 5 days. Add oil and chill.

            Cooks' note:
            • Preserved lemons keep, chilled, up to 1 year.

            1. Thanks everyone for the great ideas, I had read the other meyer posts, and now I see I was not clear in my question. I have an abundance of Meyer Lemon JUICE. And I am also hoping for something that would be able to preserve/freeze well.
              the lemon curd recipe I use, with eggs and butter says do not freeze/use within 2 weeks. I don't have a pressure canner. Do you water bath your curd and it stays preserved??
              I like the idea of something savory, we love preserved lemons, still have two big jars from last year. But I just have not found any recipes that call for LOTS of just the juice.

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                Don't know what recipe you're using for curd, but most do freeze quite well. In fact, I have some in the freezer as I type. If you have all that juice, why not just try it and see whether or not you think it works.

              2. How about Ina Garten's lemon cake? Really yummy and you can either freeze them or give them away with your bottles of limoncello.

                1. Go online and take a look at the Food section in the 1/16/08 Los Angeles Times. They list 100 things to do with Meyer lemons.

                  1. If you can get a copy of today's LA Times Food Section. The front page has an article about Meyer Lemons and has a list of 100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon.

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