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Jan 15, 2008 12:27 PM

Healthy Eating

Now that the New Year is well under way, are you making a concentrated effort to "eat healthy" after the excesses of the holidays? Or, do you even bother? Do you eat the same way all the time? What dishes are you cooking up in January?

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  1. I didn't eat ridiculously unhealthy last year -- save for the occasional mid evening cheese plate :-D, but I have tried to include more fruit. It's tough, though. Pomegranates, kiwi... does pear in my salad count? Smaller portions maybe, less pasta ---

    1. I've reduced my hurry-induced carb dependance since the new year. As a vegetarian primarily, when i go off the rails, i tend to rely too much on simple carbs alone, and not get enough protein, veggies, etc etc. Reducing or removing alot of it, forces me to eat the good stuff.

      I am also one of those "vegetarians" who occasionally eats seafood. I've tried to be a bit more conscious of this, and have upped the proportions of non-seafood protein in my diet....have been eating more beans and soy products, and have moreso had the seafood as a "treat".

      1. Ive been told by my physician that it would help a lot if I lose some weight. So I am trying, but boy it is tough.. I am trying to reduce my portion sizes significantly, and I think that will help. We are also trying to reduce the amount of meat we eat, adn I have started cooking more from a very good vegetarian cookbook which has a lot of low fat meals. But every once in a while I have an unhealthy meal! Funny thing is, when we had this gigantic prime rib dinner, I noticed my stomach was a bit upset afterward. I had overeaten, and now I was paying! So the healthy smaller portions are now getting easier to accept.

        Had a great curried lentil squash soup the other day, and a Quinoa bake with vegetables. Also made some marinated tofu, with celery/snow pea stir fry on the side, with brown rice. So I am making headway! But not that much. I just ate a really yummy donut.

        1. I think for the new year I'm making it a point to make sure I have at least 3 McDonald's Fish-O-Filet's a week.

          Just seems to make life better.

          1. different people have differnt ideas as to what is "healthy" and what is not "healthy". For me any food, and drink in moderation is healthy, so I did not make grand plans to do anything different this year, other than the usual... cook as much as I can from scratch, and eat as little processed foods as possible

            So far this year we have been cooking:

            Prime Beef
            Crab Legs(king & snow)
            Fried Chicken
            Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
            etouffe's(shrimp, and crawfish)
            red benas and rice
            smoked bbq ribs
            pot roast

            all of the above homemade from scratch.

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              I read a sign outside a coffee house yesterday that said "eat grits & potatoes, make your butt big" which is how I feel about your whole list! That being said I had the red beans and rice yesterday, gumbo and a 1/4 muff today and tomorrow will probably involve popeye's

              1. re: chef4hire

                you only live once, I say enjoy. Everything in moderation, and some exercise allows me to eat what I like, and allows me to steer clear of diet foods, and processed foods. Cook from scratch, you will live longer is my motto.

                1. re: swsidejim

                  I totall buy into this philosophy, and for a long time, exercise allowed me to eat what I wanted without any need to really worry about what I ate. I have never been thin, I have a bit of the chunk, but stayed reasonably in shape and ate everything I wanted. I like lots of fruits and veg, and I like to cook stuff from scratch but I also like fois and pork fat and bacon and like to indulge in the odd piece of fried chicken. But I did a lot of exercise.

                  But then I hit the thirties... Age does some crazy things. Now my metabolism has slowed down to the point that I would have to be training for an Olympic sport (and not curling!) to counteract my eating habits of the past! So I still do a lot of exercise, but I am working on bad eating habits like second helpings, large portions, skipping meals etc. It's getting better!

                  1. re: moh

                    I agree, I am 37 now, and if I do not stay on top of the exercise I would gain weight with my diet. I used to have more physically demanding jobs when I was younger, but now I am a desk jockey, and need to exercise to compensate.. I have always been good at pushing away from the table, and not feeling required to clean my plate if I am already full. A little self dicipline goes a long way.

                  2. re: swsidejim

                    I totally agree with you! Exercise is the key. I have ramped up my exercise routine even though I only go to the gym a couple of times a week and it allows me to eat what I want. I lost over 5% of my body weight over the holidays doing this.