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Jan 15, 2008 12:23 PM

Philly Suggestions

I will be in philly this weekend and am looking for some sugestions of not to be missed places. We will be near the art museum to start. Looking for a festive dinner place cheap to moderate with vegetarian and/or seafood options as well as good bars.

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  1. People might disagree, I think there are no great restaurants in the Art Museum area.

    The best vegetarian restaurant at the city that is loved by carnivores as well is Horizons. A must go.

    In Center City I reccomend Good Dog for cheap food and good drinks and Tria for moderate. There are plenty of bars to visit near there.

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      Thanks so much- we are certainly not glued to the art museum area, that's just where we are heading out from. We will definetly check out the center city area and recs.

    2. Agreed - art museum area not known for really "chow"worthy places, that said - I'm in that area quite often and am quite addicted to the Bishop Collar's (23rd and Fairmount) $6 chicken quesadilla and $6 chili nachos - what I would honestly say are the best nachos in the city. This is also a great bar with a pretty good beer selection, always one or two yummy seasonals on tap. Other great bars, that have enjoyable food are Aspen (25th and Aspen) - I really like their mussels, and the Aspen Salad is $5 and a great size - and Brigid's (on 24th right before Aspen) - they have moderate priced food, and a great beer selection.

      1. I recently wrote up a list of recommendations for veg-friendly spots on the following thread:


        1. Rembrandt's is probably the most all-encompassing place in that Fairmount area. You can go moderate/pubby all the way to upscale. I was there once with my son for a Halloween package deal with "Terror Behind the Walls," the annual horror-fest at the Eastern State Penitentiary down the street. Liked it. And the Fairmount neighborhood is one of the safest and most attractive in Philly, as far as I'm concerned.