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Jan 15, 2008 12:10 PM

Revisiting Big Daddy's Burger Bar, Charlotte

As you can tell from my previous post I am a big fan of Big Daddy. I have been back several times and the place has really caught on, so much so that you now usually have to wait for a table. Just goes to show if you sell a good product people will beat a path to your door. Today I went with a group of guy's and we decided to split an order of Buffalo wings as an appetizer. Man what a great surprise. They were large, meaty, crispy and covered with a truly sensational zesty sauce. They were so good I can see myself ordering the wings rather than a burger occasionally

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  1. My daughter and I had burgers here last Friday for lunch. Got there about 11:15AM, so no trouble getting a table, but by the time we left, there was a short wait.

    Having now eaten at Big Daddy's and Counter Burger, I can say both are worth a visit. I think the burger at Big Daddy's is tastier and juicier than Counter Burger, but the fries and rings at Counter Burger are crispier and thinner than Big Daddy's. Service at BD's was great. Our server at Counter was good, but I noticed several other servers were very green and were severely in the weeds. The atmosphere at both places is fun, but I think Counter's will be even better once the weather warms up and they can open their garage doors for that al fresco feel.

    My bottom line: if you want a good burger with table service and beer or wine options (and a higher tab), you can't go wrong with either place. If you want really good fries with your burger, go to Five Guys.