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Jan 15, 2008 12:10 PM

Best place to buy affordable lobster?

I've been looking at the old posts on this topic and was hoping I could get some additional insight. I need some lobster tails for a dish I'm making this weekend and was hoping I could get some advice on where to get good quality lobster at semi-affordable prices. Mind you I'm willing to pay for quality so I don't need the cheapest of the cheap recommendation, but don't want to get ripped off either.

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  1. Market Basket in Somerville will cook them for you while you shop if you want, and they are reasonable.

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      Ditto Shaw's. I've never had any issue with the quality.

    2. Not knowing where you are located, Market Baskets have always had good prices on the whole lobster, reasonable enough to use the tails and make lobster salad with the rest. Also, occasionally Costco has frozen Pacific Spiny lobster tails, not cheap.

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        Manchester Lobster Co, Exit 15 (Essex - School St) great deals on culls and bullets and jumbos

        Rockport Lobster Co on the Harbor, Gloucester, MA

      2. This is a no brainer, you could prob order FRESH lobster from these guys and have em shipped to you for less than Market Basket. Of course you can pick them up in person, it'a worth a drive.

        1. Market Basket usually has prices equal to pounds in NH (sometimes less expensive than culls), with pretty good turnover. However, supermarkets tend to focus on chicken lobsters (1 1/4 lbs). Recipes for lobster tails, usually use larger lobsters.

          If you just want tails and local lobsters, culls are a good way to go. You can get a larger lobster for a lower per-lb at the cost of one less claw. In the city (is Ctown Charlestown??), Hook is probably your option. Also close to Charlestown Courthouse has similar prices to Hooks, but no culls.

          Keep in mind that its winter,so lobstering in this season is no picnic, so you will pay a bit of a premium (the recent storm hit Maine pretty hard) but its largely for a good reason.

          1. Not sure if they're open in the winter but Alive and Kicking on Putnam Street may be what you're looking for.